Things You Need to Know

Campus Parking

CNM has over 8000 parking spaces. Visit Parking Services for more information about permits, policies, and fines.

Campus Security

CNM Campus Security has full authority to enforce all regulations and policies on all seven campus environments.

Course Load

  • Definition - The normal course load for a full-time college student is 12 to 18 credit hours. Students wanting to take more than 18 credit hours must meet the following conditions:
    • Have a college-level cumulative grade point average of 2.5 and
    • Have no grade lower than a C in the last term enrolled in college and
    • Obtain approval from your Program's School or Academic Advisement and Job Connection Services Department

First-time college students may not enroll in more than 18 credit hours in a term. No student may take more than 22 credit hours in the fall term, and 22 credit hours in the spring term, or more than 20 in summer term.

Course Numbering System

Your academic career will be charted by the numbers.

Course Repeat Limit

You may, in most cases, attempt the same course two times without restriction. Each appearance of a course on your transcript constitutes an attempt. If you attempt to register a third or fourth time for the same course, you will be blocked from registration for that course and must appeal to the academic school in which the course is offered. CNM does not permit you to enroll in a course more than four times. A course attempted more than once may not be eligible for Financial Aid. Check with your Financial Aid Advisor for more information.

Topics, independent study, internships, cooperative education, Health 1001, physical fitness activity courses and any other courses that are repeatable for credit, are exempt from the course repeat limit.

Department / School Approval to Enroll

Some classes require department/school approval to enroll. Permission to enroll may be obtained from department/school offices. Permission to enroll does not waive a program requirement or permit a class to be overfilled.

Disability Resource Center

In compliance with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), CNM takes appropriate action to ensure that its programs and services are readily accessible to qualified individuals with disabilities. If you wish to discuss a possible accommodation or have concerns about CNM’s compliance, contact the Disability Resource Center at (505) 224-3259.

If you believe that you have been discriminated against on the basis of a disability, contact the Dean of Students to file a complaint by following this process.

Distance Learning

CNM’s courses maintain the same high quality educational standards as those of the traditional classroom with the additional flexibility and convenience of learning built around the student’s schedule. Visit Distance Learning for more information.

Grading Options

You may change the grading option (grade mode) of a class through the last day to drop the class. Note that some courses do not have multiple grading options. It is highly recommended that you consult with an Academic Coach and Financial Aid Advisor before selecting an Audit or Credit/No Credit grade mode.

Grade change request forms are available at all campuses and are processed by the Registration Office, Main Campus." 

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If you are completing your certificate or degree program, you must complete an Application for Graduation by the last day of the term.

ID Cards

You can get your mandatory CNM ID cards after you register for classes. ID services are available at Main Campus, Montoya Campus and Westside Campus.

Off Campus Site Locations

Classes are also offered at various locations throughout the CNM service area. For additional sites not listed, please contact the school offering the class.

Overlapping Classes

You cannot register for classes that overlap in time.


A prerequisite is a requirement that must be completed before you enroll in a course. Official proof that prerequisites have been met must be on file at CNM or special approval obtained before registering. Official transcript evaluations take approximately one week to complete. Failure to prove that prerequisites have been met may result in an inability to enroll in classes or disenrollment.

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Special approval based on unofficial documents may be granted for new students only contingent upon subsequent provision of records:

Prerequisites for Career and Technical Courses

  • provide unofficial documents to the academic school in which the course is offered.

Prerequisites for General Education and Developmental Courses

  1. Obtain a One Time Request for Prerequisite Clearance form online in the Registration/Grades tab of myCNM or from any Registration Office.
  2. Submit a completed form to any Registration Office with unofficial documents verifying the prerequisite has been met for each course requested.*
  3. Approval or denial of the request will be provided within 1 business day to the student’s myCNM email account.

*If you have an associate’s degree or higher, you may have the prerequisites for ENG 1101 and/or developmental courses (numbered below 1000) waived. Proof of degree completion may be required.

NOTE: If you enroll in classes without completing the prerequisite (regardless of the circumstance), you must accept complete responsibility for the outcome of final grades.

How to Meet a Course Prerequisite

Ways to meet a course prerequisite

  1. Take the free Accuplacer placement exam in Assessment Centers at any campus. Accuplacer scores may not be more than five years old.
  2. Submit ACT or SAT scores (no more than five years old) to the Admissions Office.
  3. Complete the required prerequisite course at CNM or another institution with a grade of C or higher (proof of completion is required).

Speak with an academic advisor for assistance with prerequisites and course placement.

Printing on Campus

CNM has a printer program called PaperCut that limits the number of free pages that you can print. This program lets you print a specific number of pages each term. If you need to print pages beyond the limit, you can purchase additional printed pages.

“Sitting In” on Classes

Individuals cannot “sit in” or participate in classes for which they are not officially registered.

Student Policies

All CNM students should know and adhere to CNM policies. Academic and administrative policies are stated affirmatively throughout and are codified in the Student Code of Conduct.


You purchase your own textbooks.

Bookstores are located at the Main Campus, Montoya Campus and Westside Campus. You may also purchase textbooks and other class materials online through myCNM or from the Bookstore.

You may charge for books at CNM Bookstores against your financial aid awards.

If you purchase textbooks elsewhere, make sure you have the title and edition specified in the course syllabus.


When a class is full, you may be given the option to place their name on the Registration Waitlist through myCNM. (Not all classes have a Waitlist.) If a space becomes available, the next person on the Waitlist will be notified via their CNM email address. Or, you can check to see if the option “Registered” is available, by clicking the drop down menu, under the Action column next to the class, from the Add/Drop classes screen in myCNM. You will then be able to register for the class within the allotted time displayed on your email notification.

Note: When you add yourself to a Waitlist, you are strongly encouraged to check your myCNM email account daily. The Waitlist system operates 24/7, including weekends and holidays. Also, you are responsible for dropping any unneeded Waitlisted courses.

Registration Waitlists will end two days before each Part of Term begins. You will not be able to Waitlist after the specified end date for that Part of Term.

Being on a Waitlist does not guarantee registration in a class. For information on Waitlists, see Waitlist Questions and Answers.

If enough students are on a Waitlist, the school may attempt to add an additional section of the class. If this does occur, the students on the Waitlist will be contacted by email and given the first opportunity to enroll in the new section. The Waitlist system requires that you have access to a computer with internet connection to check your myCNM email daily.

Withdrawing from CNM

If you wish to withdraw completely from CNM, you must officially drop all your classes. All classes can be dropped online through myCNM or in person at any Registration Office. If you do not drop all your classes by the published deadlines, you will receive final grades.

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