Why No Spring Break at CNM?

CNM piloted a Spring Break for the first time in March 2010. The primary reason was to align CNM’s academic calendar with Albuquerque Public Schools, since many students and employees have children in APS. This allowed families the convenience of more synchronized calendars.

When APS changed its Spring Break from March to April in 2013 because of student testing concerns, CNM was unable to change its Spring Break to April since that is too close to the end of CNM’s Spring Term.

After APS changed its Spring Break to April, CNM conducted surveys to determine whether to continue with a Spring Break or not. Without the APS synchronization, support for a Spring Break declined.

The College determined that the non-instructional week that was being used for Spring Break would be better used during the break between the Fall Term and the Spring Term. Since the College is closed for two weeks for Winter Break, the extra week off in January provides students more time to access student services and rejuvenate before the Spring Term begins. In 2015, the Spring Term starts Jan. 20, a week later than previous years.

Students still get the week off that was used for Spring Break, just at a different time of the year. Also, without a Spring Break, the Spring Term finishes a week earlier than it would if there was a Spring Break.