Credit for Workplace Learning

Earn credit towards your degree for learning on the job

If you already work in the field, or a related one, to which you are earning your degree, you may qualify to receive credit. Please note that knowledge gained from your position must match the course learning objectives for the class. 

To Apply for Workplace CPL:

  1. Select your program and course from the list below to see if you meet the course learning objectives through your place of employment.
  2. Print the form and complete the Student Information section.
  3. Pay the non-refundable $25.00 processing fee at the Cashier's Office or online at the CPL Store. Make sure to include a copy of the receipt with your request, if paying online. 
  4. Submit the form to your supervisor to complete their review of your skills and knowledge.
  5. Return the completed document to the appropriate Academic School for verification, along with proof of payment.
    1. The school contact and their e-mail address will be listed in the last section of the form.
    2. If credit is approved, you will be notified by CNM e-mail within 10 business days.

School of Health, Wellness, and Public Safety

Main Campus JS-402 or call (505) 224-4111 to speak with someone.