Mobile Learning

The term mobile learning refers to the ability to learn, access content, and interact through a mobile device at any place and any time. With your mobile device there are many learning opportunities that are available to you! The information provided below contains a variety of resources and links that are accessible to you through your mobile device.

Blackboard Mobile Learn

As a Distance Learning student the Blackboard Mobile App can provide you with the opportunity to access content within your online courses including viewing announcements, checking grades, and participating in blogs and discussions from anywhere!  The following link will provide you with additional information on what you can do with Blackboard Mobile Learn. As a student Blackboard Mobile Learn will provide you with opportunities for viewing and participating in your courses.  Please note it is not recommended to take tests, quizzes, upload documents or submit assignments.

Download Blackboard Mobile Learn

To get started and access to your course download the Blackboard Mobile Learn App! The following links will take you to iTunes and Google Play. You can also scan the QR code provided below.  This app is free! Once you download the app search for Central New Mexico Community college and log-in. 



iTunes - Blackboard App QR Code

Google Play

Google Play - Blackboard App QR Code



Backboard Mobile Demos- The following videos provide demos for the different mobile devices Android, BlackBerry, iPhone/iPod Touch, and iPad. There are both Flash and QuickTime videos.

Blackboard Mobile Help- If you are having a problem with the Blackboard Mobile the website can provide you with assistance.