CNM-UNM Gateway Program

CNM is your Gateway to full-time Lobo status.

You CAN be a Lobo!

Let Us Help You Become a Lobo!

It's easy. Just apply to CNM and complete and associate degree or 24 transferable credit hours (only two semesters, less than one year) in general course work. Your current UNM application and the associated fees will be valid for three years, ready for you to transfer in.

CNM is the Gateway to UNM

Apply to CNM 

Your current UNM application and associated fees remain valid for 3 years.

Complete an associates degree or 24 transferable credit hours at CNM (within 2 years) and transfer to UNM.

How You Win

Both UNM and CNM will support your success by

  • assigning an Academic Coach at CNM
  • providing access to College Enrichment and Outreach Programs at UNM

You will have the best of both worlds with

  • access to both CNM and UNM facilities, including libraries and tutoring
  • participation in academic and cultural events at both schools

You can have independence and convenience by

  • living in UNM campus housing or on your own
  • taking classes at any CNM campus or online

Ready to get started?

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Or call: 505-224-3352