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Frequently Asked Questions

Find commonly asked information about attending your New Student Orientation at CNM.
Commonly asked topics:

Orientation Sessions
Family and Ally Sessions
Registration and Advisement

Orientation Sessions

What will I do at New Student Orientation?
CNM's three-hour Orientation will introduce you to resources and concepts to help you be successful in your first year of college. In addition to a walking campus tour, students will explore resources that CNM has available and do activities to prepare for the start of their college career.

Can I go to any In-Person Orientation Session?
If you are starting college at CNM in the Fall (starting in August), you can attend any Orientation session offered during the summer. Sessions are offered at Main, Montoya, Rio Rancho, South Valley and Westside Campuses. 

If you are eligible for the Bridge to Success Scholarship, you must complete your New Student Orientation by August 1.

When should I attend Orientation?
If you are beginning your first classes at CNM in the Fall (starting in August), you can attend any Orientation Session that takes place in the summer. You will not be able to register for your classes before you complete Orientation, so you may want to choose to attend Orientation before open registration begins on July 21.

If I'm starting school in the Summer, do I have to go to an in-person Orientation?
In-person Orientations begin after the Summer classes have already started, so if you are planning to start your first courses at CNM in the Summer (beginning May 19), you should plan to complete the Online Orientation prior to registering for classes. However, if you are a Beginning Freshman and are trying to qualify for the Bridge to Success Scholarship, you still need to attend an in-person orientation session to meet the requirement.

What if I can't make the session at the campus closest to me?
You should attend an Orientation Session at another campus. It's a good idea to find out where most classes will be for the program you intend to study.

Does the Orientation Cost anything?
No. New Student Orientation is offered free of charge.

Can I leave early from my Orientation Session?
No. You must stay for the entire duration of the Orientation Session in order to meet the requirement and get your registration hold removed from your student account.

Do I need to bring anything?
Be sure to bring your CNM student ID number. You'll be taking a campus tour during the hot months of summer, so a water bottle, comfortable walking shoes and a hat are recommended. All other materials will be provided for you.

Family and Ally Sessions

Can I bring someone to Orientation with me?
Yes. A separate Family and Ally Session will be held for family members or those who you deem an important part of your support system. Please keep in mind that they will not stay with you throughout the Orientation Session and you will be separated in to different sessions.

What's covered in the Family and Ally Session?
The Family Session will cover similar information as the New Student session, with a special focus on techniques to support a student during their time in college.

Should family members and allies bring anything? 
A campus tour is part of the Family Session as well, so comfortable shoes, a hat, and a water bottle are recommended. 

Registration and Advisement

Will I register for classes at my Orientation Session?
While you will get familiar with the registration process, you will not register for classes during the Orientation Session. If you feel you need support in registering for classes, you should plan to attend a separate Registration Workshop.

Will I meet with an Advisor during Orientation?
In addition to attending Orientation, new students must meet with an Academic Advisor. These two requirements can be completed in any order. However, Advisement will not be offered during Orientation sessions. Click here to find out how to meet with an Advisor.

When will my hold be removed after attending Orientation?
After completing your Orientation session, the hold on your account will be removed by 5 p.m. the next business day.

Other questions?

Send an email to or call 224-4677.