CNM Security Department

Who to Call

  • Fire, Police, Ambulance
  • CNM Emergency Dispatch
    (505) 224-3001
  • Non-Emergency
    (505) 224-3002

Anonymous Reporting

Reports may be made anonymously through the Silent Witness program at (505) 224-3002

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About CNM Security 

CNM Security deploys uniformed officers with comprehensive training to patrol each campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Within their jurisdiction — which includes all property owned, leased, or controlled by CNM — campus security officers have the authority to enforce all regulations and policies within the campus environment.

The Security Department works closely with the Dean of Students regarding violations of CNM Regulations. The Security Department also works closely with the Albuquerque Police Department, Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office, Rio Rancho Department of Public Safety, and New Mexico State Police on incidents occurring on or near the campus.

CNM Security Mission Statement

The mission of the Security Department is to provide a proactive protection program that addresses the security needs of Central New Mexico Community College.  The Security Department strives to provide effective prevention and deterrence as the first line of defense for protection for life, property, and general public safety.

Campus Security Authority

Authority is vested in CNM Security Department by the CNM Governing Board. These powers extend to all campuses and property that CNM owns, leases, and operates.

The Security Department is responsible for the protection of life and property and for investigating all campus crimes. Major crimes are investigated in cooperation with the local law enforcement authorities. Officers are trained in many aspects of crime prevention and community service.

Security Services

  • Active Preventive Patrol
  • Critical Incident Response
  • First Response CPR and First Aid Services
  • Escort Service
  • Building and Equipment Security
  • Asset Protection of Tangible Resources
  • Protection of Sensitive and Confidential Information
  • Telecommunications via PBX and Dispatch
  • Education and Training of Staff and the CNM Community
  • Crime Prevention Program

Safety Escort

It is recommended that CNM staff and students using campus facilities in the evening park in well-lit areas, try to remain in groups, and avoid isolated areas of the campus. When possible, the Security Department will provide safety escort services to CNM students, employees, and guests. Security reserves the right to refuse any safety escort request for any reason including, but not limited to, disorderly behavior. Students and staff may request a safety escort by calling Security Dispatch at (505) 224-3002. Due to an emergency response or other unforeseen circumstances, a security officer may not be immediately available at the time of the safety escort request.

Student Right to Know