Security Community Resources

Security Department Complaint Procedure

The CNM Security Department is committed to maintaining the integrity of its employees and is dedicated to upholding the trust of the community.  To preserve that trust, the Security Department accepts and investigates formal and anonymous complaints from the community, college staff/ students and from internal sources against a Security Department employee.

Complaints of alleged misconduct against any Security Department employee may be made in person at the Main Campus Security Office located in the Public Safety (PS) Building to the supervisor on duty.  The office is open Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm.

Complaint(s) may also be made by calling dispatch on the non-emergency number 224-3002, 24 hours a day and request to talk with the supervisor on duty.  If a supervisor is not on duty the Dispatcher will advise the caller to contact the next available supervisor on the next working day.

  • The supervisor shall instruct the person(s) to write a statement providing as much detail as possible to include dates, times, names, descriptions, and contact numbers(s).
  • The supervisor receiving the complaint shall forward the statement and any other report(s) to the Director of Security or Designee.
  • The Director of Security or Designee shall review the information and make a decision to forward the complaint to the employee's immediate supervisor for further investigation or action taken or forward the information to the Internal Affairs Supervisor for further investigation.
  • The supervisor or IA Investigator shall prepare a detailed report which outlines their investigation and submits all documents to the Director of Security within 15 days.

Further information regarding the Security Department Complaint Procedure can be obtained through any Security Supervisor.