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CNM is committed to helping our local employers transition, train, reskill, upskill, and educate their employees. We are also committed to helping employers develop the pipeline of talent they need.


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We Are Here to Support You

CNM aims to strengthen Central New Mexico's economy by serving our local businesses and industries in the recruitment, training and retention of a skilled workforce. In addition, we strive to help employers care for their employees through the difficult circumstances of workforce shifts and reductions by providing educational and career services.

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Reskill and Upskill

CNM has many programs that can reskill and upskill your employees based upon your business needs. To search our upcoming trainings, as well as trainings offered through a network of multiple community colleges, visit unmudl.cnm.edu. If you would like to consult with CNM on identifying programs we offer that align to your business and employee needs, please contact us. To get started, fill out our Employer Outreach Service Request Form.


We can partner with you to provide customized training for your employees in a variety of technical and professional skills areas. As an employer, you may also be eligible to receive funding to support this investment in your business and employees. If you are interested in customized training, please tell us more about your needs on our Customized Training form. You may also email Michelle Albro at malbro@cnm.edu.


Many businesses may be facing circumstances that will require a reduction in their employee workforce or a business closure in which employees will be laid off. We know these decisions are incredibly difficult because of the impacts it will have on employees.

CNM would like to help employers care for their employees through the difficult circumstances of workforce shifts and reductions by connecting their employees to educational and career services to transition them to the next step in their career pathway.

If you would like to consult with CNM on how we might be able to support your employees through such a transition, please contact us and we will reach out to you within 2 business days. Please note that we are committed to the highest level of confidentiality with any inquiries and outreach. To get started, fill out our Employer Outreach Service Request Form.


Many employers recognize the value of helping their employees continue their educational journey and attain a degree or additional certifications to advance in their careers. If you have groups of employees who fit any of the profiles below, please contact us to find out how we might be able to best support them. To get started, fill out our Employer Outreach Service Request Form.

  • No GED: An employee who has not earned their high school diploma or GED.
  • Some College Credit: An employee who has not earned an associate degree.
  • Career Changer Post-Degree: An employee who has already completed an associate degree or higher and is interested in gaining skills/certificate that will help them advance their career at your organization.
  • Spanish-speaking Career Seeker: An employee whose primary language is Spanish and needs entry-level Spanish certificate/degree course options.

If you are a current or prospective employer interested in recruiting talent for your business from students/graduates of our existing programs or developing a new talent pipeline to meet your business needs, please contact us. To get started, fill out our Employer Outreach Service Request Form.


Train employees to fit your company culture and pace, gain reliable workers that complement company goals and expectations, and reduce turnover by creating skilled and experienced employees with work-to-learn programs.

Our featured apprenticeship program is NMITAP, designed to help address the projected 20% growth in information technology jobs in New Mexico. Employers can hire two types of apprentices, a new hire who has no previous or current association with the company or current employees wishing to skill up beyond their current expertise. Learn more about Employer Support.

CNM can pay 50-100% of a qualifying students’ wages to work up to 20 hours per week at your business through our Business Internship Program. Contact us to learn more about this program.

Additional Resources

CNM Ingenuity
Explore some of our existing programs and workforce training opportunities.

Job Training Albuquerque
Job Training Albuquerque provides an opportunity for Albuquerque employers to skill up their workforce and an opportunity for employees to gain high-demand skills and industry-specific credentials at no cost to the employer or employee.

Workforce Connection of Central New Mexico
CNM collaborates with Workforce Connection of Central New Mexico, which connects individuals to career opportunities and assists employers with their employment needs.

Upskill Sandoval
Upskill Sandoval is a workforce development program that provides free training and education for Sandoval County residents to help build the economy of Sandoval County.

Put Your Company's Tuition Reimbursement Benefits to Work

Employees can earn or finish their degrees to help them excel in their careers while helping your company grow talent.

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What Employers Are Saying

Intel and CNM have worked together for decades to define and advance New Mexico’s technology industry talent. From engineering and applied technology, to business skills and much more, Intel depends on CNM to educate and inspire learners across Albuquerque and Rio Rancho in support of our advanced technology development and manufacturing operations. Erika Edgerly, Director Of Public Affairs at Intel Corporation