Security Requests

Contact Security

These forms have been placed online for your convenience.

If you have questions about the forms contact the Security Department at (505) 224-4633.

Facility Usage Authorization

The Facility Usage Authorization (FUAN) Form must be completed, signed, and submitted ten (10) business days prior to the planned activity/event.

The FUAN form is to be used for all activities scheduled for weekend, holidays, after hours and for those activities not normally held in the requested room/space. A FUAN should also be submitted for all special events/functions (conferences, large trainings, outreach events, etc.) on and off campus.

Individuals requesting entrance to a facility must contact CNM Dispatch at (505) 224-3002.

Key Requests

Use the Key Requests Form to request keys for specific rooms. (Exterior keys are not issued.) To request a key, you must complete the form and submit it to your department's Key Control Agent. Each department has a designated Key Control Agent. The form must be signed by your Dean, Director, Associate Dean, or Key Control Agent. The completed form will then be sent to the Security Director for approval.

Note: The key number must be included on the form. Many classrooms require an Alarm Code Request to be submitted at the same time, so check with your department to see if you also need an alarm code.

Alarm Code Request

Use the Alarm Code Request Form to request a code to disarm an alarm.

This form must be signed by your Dean or Administrator. Completed forms need to be submitted to the Alarm Shop in the PPD Building.

Outstanding Security Reports

Bicycle Registration

CNM does not require bikes to be registered but strongly recommends it.

To register your bike, print out the Bicycle Registration Form, complete it, and deliver it in person to the Campus Security Office at 725 University Blvd. SE.

This is a free service offered by the CNM Security Department.