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Faculty & Service Learning

Service Learning: Integrating service to the community with academic instruction and structured reflection.

1. Learn what CNM Service Learning is.

Discover how Service Learning can help you meet your objectives in the classroom, talk with others who integrate Service Learning in their courses, read about Service Learning with the national links on our website.

2. Decide how to incorporate Service Learning into your syllabus.

Some instructors give students the option of a paper based on scholarly library research or a paper based on Service Learning experiences as they apply to course content. Some instructors use Service Learning as extra credit. Some instructors allow completion of Service Learning requirements in lieu of an exam or a particular paper. (You can view sample syllabi at and elsewhere on the web.)

Become familiar with the agencies and decide which agencies you will encourage or allow placements for your students. If you want a packet listing ONLY the agencies your students may choose from, our office will be happy to prepare that for you.

Contact Service Learning at least four weeks before the semester begins.

3. Introduce students to Service Learning in your class by yourself or with Service Learning staff help.

Let students know which agencies they may choose from (must be from CNM approved agency list) and what your requirements are.

4. Have interested students check the web site, read the information, and attend a student orientation. Orientations are held at various times. Please see Orientation Schedule.

5. Students begin contacting agencies as soon as they attend orientation. Students must visit the agency at which they wish to work, agree on type of work and hours, provide a copy of their course syllabus and get their agency supervisor's signature on the Letter of Agreement & Enrollment Form. This Letter of Agreement must be turned in by the designated deadline.

6. As an instructor, you'll need to sign the Letter of Agreement & Enrollment Form with your complete signature. Keep a copy of the form and the student needs to return the original to the Service Learning Office.

7. During the term, keep Service Learning staff apprised of any concerns with students in Service Learning.

8. Between Week 8 and 12 of each semester, we will have an agency/student/faculty reflection. We invite (but do not require) you to help facilitate a small reflection group of service learners from across the campus.

9. By the end of Week 13, students must turn in their time sheets.

10. Incorporate classroom discussion of the experiences and growth  of Service Learning students. (Optional, of course.)

IF AN INSTRUCTOR OFFERS SERVICE LEARNING, STUDENTS MUST ATTEND AN ORIENTATION SESSION IN ORDER TO ENROLL IN SERVICE LEARNING. Faculty, agency representatives, and non-participating students are also welcome to attend an orientation to learn more about service learning. Orientation participation does not obligate you or guarantee acceptance in Service Learning.