Service Learning

Service Learning is a teaching methodology which allows faculty to integrate classroom instruction with student service at selected non-profit agencies.

Service Learning at CNM

CNM's Service Learning has four components:

  1. Academic coursework
  2. Service to the community
  3. Civic Engagement/Responsibility
  4. A critical reflection component that fosters the synthesis of course objectives with experiential learning

Service Learning projects involve students in:

  • Environments that supplement their education
  • Opportunities to build workplace skills
  • Communication and networking

CNM Service Learning is a national model for colleges and universities and has received awards for its innovative methods of combining academic instruction and civic engagement.


Many higher education professionals recognize Service Learning as an essential dimension of the college learning experience. Research shows that a service learning component improves academic achievement and student retention.

Student Benefits

  • Hands-on experience in career fields they are considering.
  • Education by applying what they are learning in the classroom while meeting real community needs.

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Faculty Benefits

  • New insights and dimensions for class discussions.
  • Highly motivated and engaged students.

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Community Agency Benefits

  • Service from students.
  • The opportunity to educate students in ways that don't happen the classroom.
  • Exposure through increased community engagement.


Because serving the community is a core part of our institutional mission, Central New Mexico Community College is an ideal location for a Service Learning program.