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List of Student Clubs and Organizations

Starting a Club

Learn how to start a student group here at CNM.

If you would like further information, please contact the Student Activities Office at (505) 224-3238.

By joining a student group you can enhance opportunities for academic achievement which could to lead to a greater college experience and you’ll be able to network with your fellow students and other CNM community members. 

If you are interested in joining or would like more information, contact the CSO Advisor.

CNM has clubs and organizations for: 

Applied Technologies Clubs

American Indian Science & Engineering Society (AISES)

Discover educational opportunities for American Indian & Alaskan Native students in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) programs. Access internships, scholarships and networking opportunities.

Status: Not active

American Welding Society

Expand your education of Welding with discussion, inspiring participation in team work, and gaining awareness of industry trends, current and historical.

Contact Kay Hamby at (505) 224-4000 ext. 43743 or .

Auto Club

Students in the Auto/diesel programs can access real-time work opportunities to service and repair your own vehicles outside of normal class time. You can also work on the restoration of a 1950s Tudor coupe.

Contact Barry Mills at (505) 224-4000 ext. 50298 or .

Electronic Technician Association (ETA)

Gain an opportunity for the exchange of experiences and options though discussion, study, and publication. Gain education in the advancement, improvement, and the use of the services of electronics technicians. Learn the means though which Certified Electronics Technician tests. Registrations may be obtained and administered.

Contact Andy Huertaz at (505) 224-4000 ext. 50189 or .

Skills USA - AT

Learn and participate in SkillsUSA competition and AT Student Club activities.

Contact Phelan Gavaldon at (505) 224-4000 ext. 52070 or

Business & Information Technology Clubs

Culinary Club

Students enrolled in Culinary Arts classes can gain assistance with your growth and development and unite in a common bond without regard to race, sex, religion, creed or national origin. Develop leadership abilities through participation in educational, vocational, civic, recreational and social activities. Gain assistance in establishing realistic goals.

Contact Brianna Dennis at (505) 224-4000 ext. 51884 or .

CNM Government Accounting Student Association

Gain networking opportunities, guidance and mentoring. Learn about scholarships, sponsorships, job shadowing opportunities and organized events.

Contact Martin Epstein at (505) 224-3434 ext. 50017 or .

SHRM Society for Human Resource Management

Learn about available resources, networking, career development and student success opportunities in the human resource field.

Contact Willow Misty Parks at (505) 224-4000 ext. 50089 or .

Skills USA - BIT

For full-time students enrolled in classes with vocational trade and industrial, technical and health occupations. Our objectives:

  • Assist local Skills USA members in their growth and development.
  • Unite in a common bond without regard to race, sex religion, creed or national origin.
  • Develop leadership abilities though participation in educational, vocational, civic, recreational and social activities.

Contact Scott Clapp at (505) 224-4000 ext. 50300 or .

Tourism Organization

Strengthen your interest in the Tourism Industry by networking with key tourism industry leaders, visiting local, national, and international tourist attractions and joining professional tourism organizations.

Contact David Jackson at (505) 224-4000 ext. 50609 or .

Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences Clubs

Anthropology Club

Gain awareness of anthropological issues and get involved in anthropological activities at CNM and in the community. Access a social and educational support network for anthropology students.

Contact Susan Ruth at (505) 224-4000 ext. 50277 or


Contact J. Lynn Johnson at (505) 224-3636 ext. 50458 or .

Health, Wellness & Public Safety Clubs

Radiological Technology Club

Extracurricular educational activities and funding the graduation ceremony.

Contact James McGowan at (505) 841-1115 or .

Respiratory Therapy Club

Make a difference in your community while promoting the profession of respiratory therapy.

Contact Charles Fatta at (505) 224-4000 ext. 50015 or or Charles Montoya at (505) 224-4000 ext. 50781 or .

Student Nurses Association

Gain assistance in entering the profession of nursing.

Contact Michael Shannon at (505) 224-4000 ext. 52323 or .

Math, Science & Engineering Clubs

Biology League

Access a fellowship of biology students. The goals of the Biology League consist of:

  1. Promoting academic achievement in biology.
  2. Upholding interest in biology related topics.
  3. Furthering the development of leadership, cooperation and organization skills.
  4. Providing an environment where members can express ideas and receive feedback on their findings in biology related fields.

Contact Heather Fitzgerald at (505) 224-4000  ext. 50276 or .

Physics League

Gain encouragement to succeed and stay involved in your physics education. Physics involves heavy and complicated subject matter at all levels, and mastering physics concepts is critical in being successful in a number of science degrees. Get help to stay on track and succeed in your classes, but also to have a clear and solid understanding of the subject matter. Access study sessions, tutoring support and fun events to stimulate understanding and interest in the vast applications of physics in daily life. Feel less anxiety and resistance in facing your physics classes. Access networking opportunities for members, officers and advisors.

Contact Pavan Pillalamarri at (505) 224-4000 ext. 52677 or .

Student Chemistry Society

Learn about chemistry related fields. Gain access to peer-mentor-ship, supplemental instruction and study sessions.

Contact Clarissa Sorensen-Unruh at (505) 224-4000 ext. 50078 or .

Student Math League

Access a fellowship among members and students interested in math.

Contact Judy LaLani at (505) 224-4000 ext. 50061 or

Academic Clubs

Executive Council of Students (ECOS)

Learn more about ECOS.

Contact Kristofer Gaussoin at (505) 224-4647 or

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

More information.

TRIO Achievement Group (TAG)

Access leadership development and mentorship, community service, workshops and cultural educational events you can volunteer for, organize and sponsor.

Contact Jimi Sanchez at (505) 224-4000 ext. 52947 or .

Military Clubs

American Veterans and Families of CNM

As a veteran, family member of a veteran, member of the military or family member of the military, receive academic encouragement, peer-mentorship, supplemental instruction and access to study sessions.

Contact Kyle Cole at (505) 224-4000 ext. 50316 or .

Military and Veterans Charter (MVC)

Active duty, reserve, National Guard, coast guard, retired military and dependents of military or veterans currently enrolled at CNM can gain support and an advocate. Gain awareness and understanding of the cultural and educational impact of veterans, members of the US military and dependents on the CNM community.

Contact Byron La Belle at (505) 224-3434 ext. 51468 or .

Special Interest Clubs

Conservative Action Group (CAG)

Learn the history and founding principles of this country and work to influence local, state & federal elections. 

Contact Connie Gulick at (505) 224-4000 ext. 50219 or

CNM LGBTQ+ Support Group

Meet in an environment where everyone can feel safe, no matter their sexual orientation, gender identity, or questions thereof. Gain support and education concerning the LGBTQ+ community, collaborate with various organizations that deal with similar communities throughout Albuquerque New Mexico.

Contact Philip Lister at (505) 224-4000 ext. 50325 or .

Moms/Moms 2B

Working within the guidelines of internationally acclaimed baby Café UK in providing up to date information, a hands-off and non-medical support environment and supporting mothers in their breastfeeding goals. 

Contact Chioma Heim at (505) 224-4000 ext. 51879 or .

Shooting Club

Get educated in firearm safety, legal issues, respect and marksmanship. Learn about participating in the NRA Competitive Shooting Awards. Learn about dealing with personal security on and off campus.

Contact Lisa Orick-Martinez at (505) 224-3636 ext. 50062 or