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ECOS Members & Tasks


Spokesperson for the group
Facilitates meetings
Plans agenda for meetings
Meets with CNM’s President on student issues and meets regularly with ECOS advisor

Vice President

Serves as a member of the Internal Communication Team
Facilitates meetings if ECOS President is absent
Succeeds ECOS if necessary

Student Relations and Organizations Officer

Serves as a liaison to all students and campuses

Financial Coordination Officer

Maintains accounts and financial records for money appropriated for ECOS
Prepares financial statements and makes them available for meetings
Familiarizes him/herself with purchasing processes and procedures

Administrative Officer

Records and distributes “minutes” for each meeting
Maintains a record of activities and events held during the year
Collects samples of documents, correspondence, etc. for the year
Records attendance at all meetings and functions
Produces summary of attendance for each term

All Members

Participate actively with all ECOS activities and meetings
Serve on assigned CNM committees
Attend at least 70% of ECOS meetings, activities and assigned committees