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Tutoring Resources and Study Materials

Below is a list of resources and study materials for classes.

Basic Math Review:

Whole Numbers


Fractions Part One

Fractions Part Two

Math 750 Final Review

Math 930 Final Review

Math 940 Final Review


Accuplacer and Concept Review Handouts. Click here.

Accuplacer Guide. Click here.

Streaming Video

1. Pythagorean Theorem: Right Triangle

2. A Simple Approach to Recalling and Using Sine -Cosine- Tangent Functions

3. Circuit Analysis, Part I : Series Circuit

4. Circuit Analysis, Part 2: Parallel Circuit

5.  Circuit Analysis, Part 3: Combination Circuit


Learning Express Library

Resources for:
Job Search & Workplace Skills
Jobs & Careers
U.S. Citizenship
Recursos para Hispanohablantes
Admissions and Placement Preparation
Skills Improvement