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General Educational Development (GED)

General Educational Development (GED) Information for instruction, testing and ceremony.


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Image of a GED class in session.
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Image of a GED exam in progress.
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CNM President Kathie Winograd, congratulating a CNM graduate.
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GED Graduates

General Educational Development (GED)

General Education Development (GED) Information.

Contact Us

(505) 224-4282

(505) 224-5263

CNM offers a variety of options and opportunity for you to receive your General Educational Development (GED)/New Mexico High School Diploma.

We offer a GED Preparation program to help you prepare for the exam, with small class sizes that are delivered by master instructors at your pace and time and when you’re ready, you can take the GED Exam at our Assessment Center.

We also look forward to celebrating your achievement with you and your family at are GED Ceremony. Explore below to find the various ways CNM can help you achieve your goals.

Did you know that GED graduates are eligible for the New Mexico Lottery Scholarship?


GED Preparation

caption:Image of a GED class in session.

GED Preparation helps students prepare for the GED exam, higher education, job advancement, or personal fulfillment.

The GED Preparation provides adult learners with the opportunities to acquire new skills and knowledge to enrich themselves, their families, and their communities.

GED Exam

caption:Image of a GED exam in progress.

CNM offers the GED Exam to all eligible candidates. The exam is a battery of five exams administered nationally in order to provide high school equivalency certification.

The GED Exam may be used for entrance into postsecondary education vocational schools, colleges and universities, the U.S. military, employment opportunities, for higher wages and greater opportunities.

GED Ceremony

caption:CNM President Kathie Winograd, congratulating a CNM graduate.

Students will celebrate a life-changing milestone when they don caps and gowns during CNM's annual GED Graduation Ceremony.

This event is a rare cap-and-gown ceremony for students who have earned their GED certificate, an accomplishment that opens up a new world of possibilities for many students who, for a variety of reasons, didn't graduate from a high school. Many of the GED graduates have overcome difficult situations to earn their certificates.

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General Educational Development (GED) Home

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General Educational Development (GED) Preparation

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GED Exam

General Educational Development (GED) Exam

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GED Ceremony

General Educational Development (GED) Ceremony

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General Educational Development (GED) Preparation

caption:Image of a GED class in session.The Adult Basic Education (ABE) Program offers instruction to adults who want to obtain a General Education Development (GED).

Contact Us

(505) 224-4282

GED Preparation Catalog Information

Adult Education Learning Centers

Main Campus
Building KC, Room 6
(505) 224-4282

Montoya Campus
Building J, Room 121
(505) 224-5582

South Valley Campus
Building SV, Room 40
(505) 224-5067

GED y Inglés Como Segundo Idioma

Folleto Imprimible

Printable Flyer

This program provides a pathway, which can lead to success in college, careers, and in the community. Our program acknowledges and utilizes the experience, wisdom and needs of adult learners, and our mission emphasizes educational and intellectual growth, affordability and accessibility, and the potential for positive life-changes among our students.

Our goal is to help students identify and achieve basic educational goals. To do that, we offer affordable non-credit classes in basic reading, math, writing, english as a second language and job/life skills. These classes help students prepare for higher education, job advancement and personal fulfillment.

The ABE program is a separate non-credit component of CNM. Students receive the same services as other CNM students.  ABE Students do not follow the traditional admission or registration process and are not eligible for financial aid. The ABE program is a part of the School of Adult & General Education (SAGE) at CNM.

Registration Information

New Students*: To register for classes you must call (505) 224-4282 to attend an orientation session to start the process.

Returning Students: If you have attended ABE classes at CNM within the last school year but are not currently enrolled in classes, you may need to complete an orientation session. Please call (505) 224-4282 to check on your status.

Continuing Students: If you are currently enrolled in ABE classes and want to sign up for classes next term, you will need to complete a two-part registration process:

  1. In-Class Advisement – During the term, your instructor will advise you on which class(es) to take the next term based on your post-assessment scores for your current class(es). If you do not take a post-test, you will be advised to stay in your current level. You will then fill out a registration form in class, that you and your instructor will sign.
  2. Registration – Take your registration form to one of the Adult Education Learning Centers and register for the next term.

 * Students who have not attended classes in the ABE Program within the last school year.

General Educational Development (GED) Ceremony

Each year, CNM invites students in Albuquerque who have passed their GED exam to the CNM Graduation Ceremony.

Happy grads

GED Graduation Ceremony

CNM conducts two Graduation Ceremonies each year, one in the Spring semester and one in the Fall semester. All GED Graduates are invited to participate. We look forward to celebrating your achievement with you and your family at our graduation ceremony!

For more information, call (505) 224-4301.

GED y Inglés Como Segundo Idioma

Escuela de Adultos y Educación General

GED GraduatesNuestras clases de Educación Básica para Adultos (ABE) ayudan a los estudiantes a prepararse para el examen de GED y también ayudan a aquellos estudiantes que necesiten ayuda aprendiendo inglés como segundo idioma por medio de nuestras clases de ESL (inglés como segundo idioma). El programa ABE ofrece instrucción para adultos que no tengan un diploma de preparatoria y también para adultos que no hablan inglés como su primer idioma. El costo es de solamente $10.00 por curso académico.

Cada estudiante debe primeramente atender una orientación donde se les dará un examen para determinar sus niveles de lectura y matemáticas para clases de GED, o si su meta es aprender hablar inglés se determinara su nivel de hablar inglés en la orientación para nuestras clases de ESL (inglés como segundo idioma).

Oficinas de ABE:

CNM Main Campus
900 University SE
Centro de servicios para estudiantes (SSC),
Cuarto 110

CNM Montoya Campus
4700 Morris NE
Edificio TW, Cuarto 206

Desafortunadamente no hay registración por internet para nuestras clases de ABE. Para registrarse para la orientación necesita traer lo siguiente a una de nuestras oficinas de ABE:

  • Una identificación con foto que incluya su fecha de nacimiento (licencia de conducir, tarjeta de identificación, visa o pasaporte)
  • Su dirección de domicilio actual
  • Su número de teléfono actual
  • Cargo de $10 (dinero en efectivo, cheque o tarjeta de débito o crédito)
  • Si usted es menor de 18 años, necesita una forma de verificación para menores de edad (vea abajo)

Los estudiantes menores de 16 años no están permitidos en nuestras clases de educación básica para adultos. Si usted es menor de 18 años, va necesitar una forma de verificación para menores de edad departe del ultimo distrito escolar que haya atendido. Puede contactar a:

Albuquerque Public Schools
6400 Uptown Blvd. NE

Rio Rancho Public Schools
500 Laser Rd.

Para todos los demás distritos escolares, contacte su Superintendente escolar local.