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Course Repeat Process

Submit a Course Repeat Request to SAGE, AT, BIT, CHSS, HWPS, or MSE.


The deadline to request a course repeat for Spring 2016 is December 18.

CNM does not allow students to self-enroll in the same course for the 3rd time without permission from the CNM school in which the course is offered.

Each appearance of a course on your transcript counts as an attempt, including withdrawals.

Spring 2016 Course Repeat Requests

You will be able to request permission to repeat a course for the Spring 2016 term from October 12 – December 18.

Adult & General Education (SAGE)

To repeat a SAGE course for the 3rd time or more, you will need to attend a SAGE Course Repeat Group Presentation and complete a SAGE Success Plan.

If you have questions about course repeats, contact SAGE at (505) 224-3939.

SAGE Courses

CSE – College Success Experience

ENG – 950 and lower

Math – 940 and lower

Rdg – Reading

ESOL – English for Speakers of other languages


Applied Technologies (AT)

To request an AT course repeat, contact Applied Technologies at (505) 224-3185 or by emailing

AT Courses

AUTC – Automotive Technologies

ARDR – Architectural Drafting

AVMT – Aviation Technology

CAD – Computer Assisted Drafting

CARP – Carpentry

CM – Construction Management

DETC – Diesel Equipment Technology

ELEC – Electronics

ELTR – Electrical Trades

FILM – Film Technology

GIT – Geographic Information Technology

HVAC – Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

MATT – Machine Tool Technology

MEMS – Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems

OSHA – Occupational Safety

PHOT – Photonics

PLMB – Plumbing

SUR – Surveying

TRDR – Truck Driving

WELD – Welding


Business & Information Technology (BIT)

To repeat a BIT course for the 3rd time or more, you will need to complete a course repeat request form and then meet with a BIT Achievement Coach.

Learn more about the BIT Course Repeat Approval Process, or contact BIT at (505) 224-3811 with questions.

BIT Courses

Acct – Accounting

BA – Business Administration

CIS – Computer Info Systems

CULN – Culinary Arts

FIN – Financial Literacy

HT – Hospitality and Tourism

IT – Information Technology

OTEC – Office Technology
PM – Project Management


Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences (CHSS)

To repeat a CHSS course for the 3rd time or more, you will need to complete a course repeat request form and then meet with a CHSS Achievement Coach.

If you have questions about course repeats, contact CHSS at (505) 224-3588.

CHSS Courses

AFST – African American Studies

ANTH – Anthropology

ARBC – Arabic

ARTH – Art History

ARTS – Art Studio

CDV – Child Development

CHMS – Chicano Studies

COMM – Communication

CST – Cultural Studies

ECME – Early Childhood Multicultural Education

ECON – Economics

EDUC – Education

ENG – English (1101 & up)

FREN – French

GNHN – General Honors

HIST – History

HUM – Humanities

JOUR – Journalism

MUS – Music

NATV – Native America Studies

PHIL – Philosophy

PORT – Portuguese

PSCI – Political Sciences

PSY – Psychology

RLGN – Religion

SOC – Sociology

SPAN – Spanish

SPED – Special Education

THEA – Theatre

WMST – Women's Studies


Health, Wellness & Public Safety (HWPS)

To request an HWPS course repeat, contact HWPS at (505) 224-4111.

HWPS Courses

COS – Cosmetology

CJ – Criminal Justice

DA – Dental Assistant

EMS – Emergency Medical Tech

DMS – Diagnostic Med Sonography

FS – Fire Science

FITT – Fitness Technician

HLTH – Health

HIT – Hospitality and Tourism

MLT – Medical Lab Tech

NURS – Nursing

NRSG – Nursing

NA – Nursing Assistant

PHLB – Phlebotomy

PL – Paralegal Studies

PT – Pharmacy Technician

RADT – Radiologic Technology

RT – Respiratory Therapy

ST – Surgical Technology

VT – Veterinary Technology


Math, Science & Engineering (MSE)

If you have questions about course repeats, contact MSE at (505) 224-3561.

MSE Courses

ASTR – Astronomy

BIO – Biology

BIOT – Biotechnology

CHEM – Chemistry

CSCI – Computer Science

EPS – Earth & Planetary Science

ENGR – Engineering

GEOG – Geography

NS – Natural Science

NUTR – Nutrition

MATH – Math (1110 & up)

PHYS – Physics