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Academic Records List

Academic Probation
Information for students on academic probation.
Academic Renewal
Academic Standards
Academic Year
Class attendance, general policies and information
Challenge Exams
Prior education, training and/or experience credit exam
Challenge of Contents
Change of Major
Change of Name
Classification of Student
Course Numbering
Course Substitutions
Course Waiver
Information on course waivers.
Credit Hour
How credit hours are determined
Degree Residency Requirements
Enrollment Verification
Information for students about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA, P.L. 93-380, 512).
Final Grades
Good Standing
GPA Requirement
Grade Mode
Grade options for classes
Grade Point Average
Grade point average computation
Grading System
Points given to grades
Incomplete Grade Assignment and Removal
NM Public Institutions
Transferring course credits from New Mexico public institutions
Nontraditional Credit
Course substitution, waiver and exams for credit
Out of State/Private Institutions
Public Directory Information
Student information that can be released
Repeating Course Processing
Required Coursework
Required coursework to complete a program
Social Security Number
Social security number is required
Student Right to Know
Information on student right to know.
Academic suspension from CNM
Suspension Appeals
Appeal academic suspension
Traditional Credit
Transcript Request
On May 4, 2016, CNM now uses Parchment, Inc. to manage the online ordering, processing, and secure delivery of official transcripts.
Transfer Credit Guidelines
Transferring to CNM
Update Your Student Information
Updating Certificate or Degree
How to update an associate degree or certificate from CNM.
Academic warning status