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Resources for Contributors

Resources for anyone working on

Writing for the Web

Writing for the web is different than you're used to. Readers on websites frequently scan content instead of reading. To make your pages easier to use, follow these guidelines:

Use Visitor-Focused Language

Visitors to your site are there to accomplish something. Make certain they can accomplish it immediately. For example, if you're writing a page about registering for classes, put the registration info right up top.

Chunk the Content

Break up long chunks of text into smaller sections and use headings to guide your reader's eye while they scan.

Use Fewer Words

Communicate your point using the fewest words possible. Additionally, use simple language.

Writing Workshop for CNM Website Contributors

Training is held quarterly. Writing Workshop details will be posted in CNM Newslink.

Let us know if you're interested in attending an upcoming workshop.

Workshop Materials

  • Lecture slides from the workshop containing links to all sorts of writing and accessibility goodies.
  • The Creating Forms document provides in depth information on how to create a form and how each form field type works.
  • Plone Quick Tips provides an easy to access reference for some of Plone's basic tasks.

Collaborating with the Web Steering Committee

The Web Steering Committee currently accepts two types of proposals:

To initiate the proposal process, please use the forms linked above. A representative of the committee will contact you to begin work on the proposal.

Report an issue with the CNM Website
Use the report form to make us aware of an issue with the CNM website.