CNM Governing Board Redistricting

Geographical boundaries that correspond to CNM Governing Board elected office districts are changing.

Redistricting is a process to ensure that the population in each district is as close as possible to being equal. To adjust to population shifts in the CNM District that have been established by the 2020 U.S. Census, the Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) Governing Board is in the process of redrawing the geographical boundaries that correspond to the CNM Board's seven districts. Research & Polling, Inc. is assisting the Governing Board with the redistricting process. To help the Governing Board solicit community input, CNM will host public forums in the coming months. Please continue to visit this site - it will be updated regularly with the most current information. 

If you have questions about the CNM Redistricting process, please contact Erin Bradshaw at or (505) 224-4415.

Please note, the public comment period has ended.

2022 Timeline

  • February 8 -  Research & Polling, Inc. redistricting presentation at the CNM Governing Board Meeting.
  • March and April - Public forums and public comment period.
  • Summer - Ongoing review of proposals.
  • September 13 - CNM Governing Board votes on new Board district boundaries.

Redistricting Presentation

View the Research & Polling, Inc. presentation for more information.

Proposed Concept Maps – Currently in Review

Please click on the link below to see a presentation from Research and Polling, Inc. made to the CNM Governing Board on February 8, 2022 regarding Concept Maps A, A-1, B, C, C-1 and D shown below.

Concept Maps: