Section I

Introduction and Guiding Principles


Central New Mexico Community College (“CNM” or the “College”) is one of America’s leading community colleges.  The College is governed by a Governing Board (“Governing Board”). The Governing Board leads CNM by: 

  • Setting appropriate expectations
  • Inspiring performance
  • Overseeing planning and execution
  • Fostering development of capabilities
  • Ensuring fiscal integrity and continuity of the College

This Governing Board Guide & Policy Manual has been approved by the Governing Board. It is a resource for the Members of the Governing Board. It is intended as a useful policy reference for CNM faculty and staff (sometimes collectively referred to “employees”). Students, faculty and staff, and members of the public are encouraged to review this Guide & Policy Manual to learn how the Governing Board functions and its responsibilities.

Please note that additional College-wide policies adopted by the Governing Board are published in the CNM Employee Handbook. 

Adopted: 8/12/2014
Revised: 4/12/2023

1.1 Guiding Principles

The Governing Board’s work is guided by the following principles:

  • CNM’s educational offerings should be available to all who seek to further their education and training at the lowest possible student cost, while maintaining CNM’s overall financial sustainability.
  • CNM’s underlying strength comes from:
    • The CNM Vision: Changing Lives, Building Community
    • The CNM Mission: Creating futures for our learners and partners through leadership in education, training and innovation
    • The CNM Core Values: Be Caring. Be Ethical. Be Inspiring. Be Courageous. Be Connected. Be Exceptional.

The President manages the College by implementing Governing Board policies. The Governing Board recognizes the benefits of transparency regarding its actions and its policies.  The Governing Board honors and values the voter’s trust.

Adopted: 11/8/2016
Revised: 12/12/2023