GAA Expense Request

How to make an expenditure request from CNM’s General Activity Account (GAA)

Expenditure requests for GAA will not be considered unless the following criteria have been met:
1. Required request forms completed.
2. Complete request with all supporting documentation submitted to Vice President of Administrative Services (VPAS) Administrative Coordinator at least 10 working days prior to the event or date needed.
3. No expenses have been incurred prior to full approval.
Governing Board policy on community relation expenditures and general activity account.

General guidelines for GAA requests

Appropriate cost for most events and meetings:
Breakfast per person approximately $7.50 per person
Lunch and Dinner per person approximately $8.95 per person
Have all existing resources been considered?

Steps to a GAA request

1. Download GAA forms from CNM website.
    GAA Policy Justification Form
    GAA Request for Expenditure

2. Complete GAA request forms and gather supporting documentation including quotes, purchase requisition, invited guest list and official event information. GAA Request must be submitted on CNM letterhead.
GAA Cost Account Numbers for Purchase Requisitions:
    • Services – 1002-5401- 8201-170
    • Registration – 1002-5401-8209-170
    • Supplies – 1002-5401-8202-170

3. Submit complete GAA request packet to VPAS Administrative Coordinator at least 10 working days prior to the event or date needed.

4. VPAS Administrative Coordinator will compile and submit request to the Business Office for pre-review.

5. Business Office will review and complete justification form.

6. Business Office will return request to VPAS Administrative Coordinator to submit to appropriate Vice Presidents for approval.

7. Requestor will receive email with approval or denial confirmation from VPAS Administrative Coordinator.

8. After the event the requestor will submit after-the-fact documentation to VPAS Administrative Coordinator. 

GAA contact: Karen Tubb 224-4433 or