Student Resources for Online Classes

Prepare for your online courses, explore your distance learning and online college options, and access other helpful resources.

 Online Student Resources

New to Distance Learning?

Jump Start for Learners was created specifically for students taking their first online class at CNM. You can find more information about the Jump Start for Learners course in Online Student Resources

Online Options at CNM

The CNM Online department oversees all online options administered through CNM's standard programs and CNM Online; our 100% online college with limited program offerings and a different educational structure.

Standard Programs/Class Options

If you enroll in a standard online program offering, the experience will be very similar to face-to-face classes. These classes are:

  • any length of time between 2-15 weeks; and
  • not prescribed or guaranteed on the schedule.
    • You can piece together a degree (psychology, for example) by taking all of its courses online, but the courses are not offered in a prescribed sequence, nor are they guaranteed to be on the schedule, as they would be with CNM Online.

Placement testing is also required and tuition is not inclusive of fees or books.

To enroll in an online class, look up the class as you would any other in the Schedule of Classes. The specific class will note if there's an online option and what type of online option it is.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of our classes are now online.

CNM Online

CNM Online, CNM's 100% online college, is for any student in the world who plans to never set foot on campus and is looking for an accelerated way to earn a degree or certificate.

CNM Online covers five degrees in English, one degree in Spanish and two certificates.

As a student in CNM Online you have:

  • access to an achievement coach embedded in your courses;
  • no program placement requirements;
  • a tuition model that includes all fees and required books; and
  • the ability to earn your degree in 17 months.

Guide to CNM Class Types

Both CNM Online and CNM's standard programs offer multiple different types of online classes. Below, find what you need to know about the class types offered:

Student Schedule

Directions on how to view your schedule:

  1. Login to your myCNM account
  2. Select "Registration" tab on the left hand side.
  3. Click on your "Review Schedule/Bill (Class Schedule)" within the "Registration" box
  4. Select the term (Ex. "Summer 2021") in the Term drop down menu and click Submit.