Avant Spanish Heritage Placement Exam

The Avant Spanish heritage placement exam is a diagnostic tool and will be used for entry into the Spanish Interpreter Certificate Program

The Avant Spanish heritage placement exam is required for students entering the Spanish Interpreter Certificate Program. Students will meet with an Academic Coach to discuss their score results.


(505) 224-3243

Remote Testing

We now have a remote version of the Avant Spanish Heritage Exam in place. To test, you'll need a computer (desktop or laptop) with audio capabilities and a headset and microphone. The test will be proctored remotely and you can schedule by emailing

If you need to reach somebody at the Assessment Center, email us at or call (505) 224-3243.

Areas Tested

  • Content and Organization
  • Structures
  • Vocabulary
  • Writing (Spelling and Mechanics)
  • Speaking (Pronunciation and Fluency)

About the Avant Spanish Heritage Placement Exam

  • The exam fee is $43.90, which includes the $25.00 remote proctoring fee.
  • You will need a PC, Mac, Chromebook, or tablet, and
    Headset with microphone (See the Headset Guide)
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Textbooks, notebooks, and paper are not allowed. 

Upon payment, you will receive an Order Confirmation email with instructions on how to register to take your test. 

Please email to schedule your exam.

Resources to help prepare for the test 

Spanish Heritage Sample Test (Open in Google Chrome)

Test Design Diagram

Test Design Diagram