Spanish Placement Exam

The Spanish exam is used to determine course placement depending on the skill-level of the student. The exam does not give you credit for any Spanish course. Please note, that all Spanish classes have the pre-requisite of IRW 0980.


In-person testing, other than limited Accuplacer, HSE, CLEP, and some challenge exams have been suspended until further notice.

If you are interested in taking the Spanish Placement Exam during this time, please see below. 

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About the Spanish Exam

  • Completely free, but please remember to schedule an appointment prior to testing.
  • Examines are allowed to test twice within a 12 month period
  • There is a 24 hour waiting period to retest
  • The exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions
  • There is a time limit of one hour
  • Test scores are good for 1 year


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Spanish Course Placement

(All Spanish courses also have an IRW 0980 prerequisite, scoring a 257 or higher on the Accuplacer Reading test can fulfill that requirement)



Spanish Exam Score 0 – 50

Spanish 1110

Spanish Exam Score 51 – 70

Spanish 1120

Spanish Exam Score 71 – 80

Spanish 2110

Spanish Exam Score 81 - 100

Spanish 2120