CNM Unidos

The CNM Unidos Team connects Hispanic and Latinx students to community resources, programs, classes, scholarships and more.

About CNM Unidos

The mission of CNM Unidos is to serve the CNM Hispanic and Latinx community with resources and opportunities that foster educational success. We recognize the growth of Hispanic and Latinx students pursuing a college degree and the importance of educational pathways. CNM Unidos plans events that celebrate Hispanic and Latinx cultures, fosters educational and workplace success, and collaborates with other resource groups to create a climate of purpose and belonging based on three pillars: 

  • Culture and Community Focus 
  • Student Focus
  • Employee Focus
CNM Unidos Services

Contact us today to learn more about Hispanic and Latinx student support services, advisement, or career exploration. 

CNM Unidos Team Members

If you are interested in joining the CNM Unidos team, please fill out our membership form to get started. 

Main Campus

Aline Gonzales - Co-Chair
Brenda Mendez de Andrade - Bilingual - Co-Chair
Claudia Lente - Bilingual - Chair

Montoya Campus

Ana Patino-Guillen - Bilingual - Co-Chair

South Valley Campus

Mauro Woody - Co-Chair