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Navigators are your go-to people at CNM. They are a source of information and support through every step of the process, from application to graduation.

Student Navigators

The Navigators also have a team of Student Navigators who have been in your shoes and know what it’s like to be a CNM Suncat. You’ll likely get a phone call or email from the Student Navigators. Got a question only a fellow student will understand? Ask them!

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Schedule a one-on-one appointment or email us at [email protected] if you have not yet applied to CNM as a student.

Meet CNM's Navigators 

Read more about each Navigator below. If you're ready to reach out, send an email or schedule a time to meet using the links provided. 

Amber Hickman posing for a headshot

Amber Hickman

Amber Hickman, a proud member of the Kin Ya'áanii tribe, was born and raised in Grants, New Mexico. Straight out of high school, she embarked on her educational journey at CNM. Initially starting as a CNM Student Employee and Contact Center Specialist, Amber found joy in assisting fellow students and excelled in her studies, earning two associate degrees from CNM. Currently, Amber is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus on Marketing at New Mexico State University.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Amber is deeply connected to her Native American heritage and values. In her spare time, she indulges in activities like barrel racing, gardening, traveling, and cherishing moments with her family. One of Amber's core beliefs is encapsulated in the phrase: "It doesn’t matter what others are doing, it matters what you’re doing." This philosophy underscores her dedication to personal growth and excellence in all aspects of her life.

You can reach Amber at [email protected] or schedule a time to meet.

Headshot of Diego Montoya

Diego Montoya 

Diego Montoya was born in Albuquerque and raised in Magdalena, New Mexico, where his family has lived for generations. 

Before coming to work at CNM, Diego graduated from the University of New Mexico, where he earned a bachelor's degree. As an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) tutor for APS, Diego guided middle and high school students to achieve their goals of higher education.

Diego is a music fan and New Mexico United supporter. He is a proud New Mexican, loves to support his culture and traditions, and believes that you are never too young or too old to start learning.

You can reach Diego at [email protected] or schedule a time to meet.

Sabrina Cordero headshot

Sabrina Cordero 

Sabrina Cordero is a native New Mexican with a passion for our state's diversity and rich culture. She is experienced in helping others succeed in education and in life. Sabrina is also a graduate of CNM who is currently working toward her bachelor's degree at UNM.

Sabrina likes being active, spending time in nature, traveling, and being with family and friends. She also loves photography, baseball, and meeting new people. In her spare time, Sabrina enjoys a good book. 

What excites Sabrina most about her work as a Navigator is helping students realize their own potential because, as she says, "Education is the one thing that no one can take away from you!" Sabrina believes that there is no limit to how far the students she helps can go, and she is ready to help them get there. One of Sabrina's favorite quotes is from Roy T. Bennett: "Change begins the moment you get the courage and step outside your comfort zone.”

You can reach Sabrina at [email protected] or schedule a time to meet.

Headshot of Sophia Secrest

Sophia Secrest

Born and raised in Albuquerque, Sophia Secrest graduated from the University of New Mexico, where she earned her bachelor's degree in computer science.    

During her time as a student at UNM, Sophia worked as a lab instructor and found her passion in guiding her fellow peers toward their academic goals. Upon graduation, Sophia made it her mission to help other students be successful in their educational aspirations. She began her career with CNM in the fall of 2022 and is honored to help support students as they navigate college. 

In her spare time, Sophia loves spending time with her family and her adorable dog, Coal. She also enjoys gardening, traveling, playing video games, and is a firm believer in living in the moment because: “Today is the only place where we can find the path to a better tomorrow."

 You can reach Sophia at [email protected] or schedule a time to meet.