CARES Funds Awards

Students who are currently enrolled for Summer 2022 classes at CNM will receive federal CARES funding.


Available to currently enrolled students.

Funds are available to you regardless of Financial Aid status.

Note: Dual Credit and CNM Ingenuity programs are not eligible.

CNM has received federal funding to help you with expenses during the pandemic. Funds are limited and only enrolled students will qualify.

The funds are a one-time payment to help you cover expenses. You do not have to pay the funds back.   

Enrolled Students 

CNM will send you a link by text and email. If you click "I accept," CNM will use these funds to hold your classes. If you don't respond or choose "I don't accept," the funds will be disbursed or given out later.

Note: Make sure your contact information and direct deposit information are up-to-date in myCNM. 

If you are already registered for classes and want to use these funds for your tuition, please let us know by pressing the button to use funds for your tuition.

Use Funds for Your Tuition 


Funds will be disbursed (paid) the week of June 6 . Students with Direct Deposit setup with CNM will receive funds faster.

  • You can change your mind about allowing the payment to go towards your balance. You will use the link sent to you  to access the question to change your answer. You will need to do this by June 6. 

Direct Deposit

If you choose to receive a check, double check that your mailing address on file with CNM is correct. The checks are valid for 60 days from the date on the check – don’t wait to cash it as it will become null and void.

  • If you chose to have your CARES funds applied to your CNM charges and charges are less than $500, you will receive your refund up to $500 the week of June 6. 
    • For example, your balance is $200, you will receive $300 in refund

  • If your balance is more than $500, you will not receive a refund. 
    • For example, your balance is $636 - $500 = $136 balance for which you will be responsible
  • If your balance is zero, you will receive $500 for a refund.

  • If you “did not allow” CNM to apply your CARES funds to charges, regardless of your balance, you will receive $500.


Cares funds do not count as taxable income.