This is the forms folder for Financial Aid & Scholarship Services.

SE Termination-Repost Position

Used by supervisors to notify Financial Aid of a student employee termination and to repost a position

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SE Timesheet Change

Used by supervisors to change the timesheet hours for the last days of the pay period.

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SAP Assessment

Used by students on financial aid suspension as part of the appeal process

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New Mexico Scholarship Transfer Transcript

Students who have received a New Mexico Scholars, Legislative Endowment, or New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship at CNM will submit this signed form to the CNM Financial Aid and Scholarship Services. A copy of this completed form will be faxed and mailed to the institution indicated below. The student should also make sure to request an academic transcript from CNM and each New Mexico public post-secondary institution they have previously attended for the institution they plan to attend.

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