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The CNM Foundation appreciates your donations and generosity in giving back to our community. View our featured funds and other ways to donate to our students and institution.

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The CNM Foundation works with the community and CNM to benefit students and the institution, offering donors a myriad of ways to support our work today and our mission in the years to come.

Your gifts make it possible for our students to pursue the educational and career opportunities they deserve without the burden of financial obstacles. Thank you for helping them to become productive members of our community, which in turn helps our community thrive. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

“As our community and state unite to protect New Mexicans from the COVID-19 pandemic, CNM is striving to help keep our at-risk students connected to their educational and career goals.” ~ CNM President Tracy Hartzler

Featured Funds

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CNM Annual Fund

The Annual Fund provides “dollars where needed most.” Whether through direct support of students, faculty development or program support, these donations help the College meet its mission of excellence.

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Making Money Work

This online, dual-credit, financial literacy course is available at New Mexico high schools and teaches skills that enable young students to make informed financial decisions. As students move onto college, this course is invaluable.

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The Milestone Fund

First-time, full-time students receive a monetary incentive to excel while in school and achieve higher educational outcomes.

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Feeding Families Fund

The pandemic has increased the need to support CNM students and their families to address food insecurity.

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Student Technology Fund

Provides internet access and technology to CNM students that is necessary for today’s distance learning environment.

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Education Innovation Fund

This fund allows CNM to respond to emerging and pressing needs in order to change how we deliver education to our community.

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Providing a safe environment is paramount as we return to campus. Your gift will ensure necessary PPE supplies are available.

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Rust Opportunity Assistance Fund

The Rust Opportunity Assistance Fund provides emergency assistance to CNM students facing an unforeseen financial obstacle.

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Other Ways to Give to Our Community

The CNM Foundation offers many ways for you to help our community, including supporting many existing scholarship or endowment funds.

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