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Step Up for CNM

Step Up and help lead our beloved community to a brighter future.

$20 million by 2020

CNM has the rock-solid reputation, the can-do attitude and the community-driven purpose to courageously Step Up to improve economic development and the quality of life in central New Mexico. With the largest undergraduate student body in the state supported by superb faculty, staff and administration, CNM is more than ready to raise the bar on our educational, economic and community impact.

But we need your support to help our lofty goals become a reality. Also, please know that 100 percent of donations to the CNM Step Up campaign goes straight to students, programs or our state-of-the-art lab facilities. 

Step Up Goals for 2020

CNM will continue to Step Up as one of the best community colleges in the country.

CNM will Step Up for the future of our workforce by providing 100 percent of students with work experience prior to graduating (currently 55 percent of CNM students have work experience prior to graduating).

CNM will Step Up for our community and economy by helping businesses and industries keep or create 500 jobs in New Mexico.

CNM will Step Up to accelerate economic development in New Mexico and help New Mexico rise from our disheartening national rankings related to economic conditions, education and quality of life.

CNM will Step Up for organizational excellence by supporting faculty and staff innovations in quality customer service.

CNM will achieve these goals while expanding our award-winning student support systems to help more students become college graduates and skilled professionals for our economy. CNM will also ramp up its key operations that support innovation, entrepreneurship, economic development and the cutting-edge technology that prepares students for success in a fast-changing world. 

Step Up and Create a Brighter Future, Today