Section II: College Organization

2.01 Governing Board

The Governing Board consists of seven members elected from districts within the College District. The College District encompasses Bernalillo County, plus Corrales and part of Rio Rancho in Sandoval County. The Board normally meets on the second Tuesday of every month in the CNM Board Room. All regular Board meetings are open to the public and are announced in accordance with state statute.

2.02 Administration

The Governing Board selects a president of the College and an internal auditor who serve under contract with the Board. Upon the recommendation of the president, the Board employs all other personnel except for the internal auditor who is employed without recommendation of the president. It is incumbent upon the president to take whatever action may be necessary to carry out the mission and functions of CNM and maintain uninterrupted service to employees and students in emergency situations.

2.03 Participation By The Public

The College recognizes that constructive study, discussion and active participation by citizens are necessary to promote the best possible program of education in the community.

  1. There shall be two types of advisory groups within the College, as follows:
    1. Advisory Boards, which shall be appointed by the President to deal with College-wide issues on an as-needed basis.
    2. Advisory Committees, which shall be appointed by the President’s designees(s) as needed to assist with instructional program research, curriculum design and evaluation, and special projects.
  2. Advisory Boards and Advisory Committees offer advice and assistance regarding College issues; they do not establish College policies or procedures nor do they have authority over College employees.
  3. Any and all bylaws shall be approved by the President for Advisory Boards or the president’s designee(s) for Advisory Committees.
  4. All Advisory Board and Advisory Committee meetings shall be open meetings.
  5. CNM employees who represent administration shall be designated by the president for Advisory Board meetings or the president’s designee(s) for Advisory Committee meetings.
  6. Advisory Board members are subject to the New Mexico Per Diem and Mileage Act.  Advisory Committee members serve as unpaid volunteers.