The Source

The Source, the policies and procedures online manual at Central New Mexico Community College (CNM), is designed to offer a centralized process for developing, maintaining and implementing standard operating practices on a college-wide basis.

The Source is designed for use by all employees and students at CNM and offers a system that encourages involvement in the identification and development of new or revised policy and procedure through the use of task force teams.

The Policies and Procedures Office offers development activities and informational services regarding policies and procedures which include:

  • document development request
  • process analysis
  • policy determination process
  • document development process
  • document design
  • document review
  • compliance evaluation
  • task force team mediation and reconciliation
  • meeting facilities
  • manual updates
  • customer service evaluation
  • document release announcement
  • training
  • print material acquisition and disposition

CNM's Policies and Procedures Office centralizes the identification, design, development, implementation and revision of the standardized operating methods and practices at CNM through The Source manual and training sessions. PPO maintains the mission and vision of CNM's strategic plan, and adheres to quality-driven principles in an environment of contemporary technology.

The Policies and Procedures Office is located in the TM building (North Campus) on CNM’s Main Campus. The TM building is located next to the LAS Building near the northwest corner of Coal and Buena Vista SE.