Accessing New Mexico Laws and Regulations Online

New Mexico laws (New Mexico Statutes Unannotated [NMSA]) and regulations (New Mexico Rules Unannotated [NMRA]) are available online in a searchable format.*

To view specific New Mexico laws and regulations follow these instructions.

These instructions are specific to Desktop viewing. Tablet/Smartphone navigation is analogous but the visual cues may vary.

  1. Visit the website of the New Mexico Compilation Commission.

  2. Indicate viewing method (Desktop or Tablet/Smartphone. Click "OK."

  3. In the Table of Contents are at the left, click to open the folder labeled "Statutes, Rules and Const."

  4. Select the desired folder — usually NMSA (Annotated) for our usages — and then navigate to the folder containing the content area of your interest.
    For example:
    • The New Mexico Procurement Code is found at NMSA Chapter 13 "Public Purchases and Property" Article 1 "Procurement".
    • The rules regarding contracts involving former public officers or employees/representation of clients after government service are found at NMSA Chapter 10 "Public Officers and Employees" Article 16 "Governmental Conduct" Section 8.
    • The law regarding Workers' Compensation are found within Chapter 52, with Article 1 containing the most generally pertinent information.

The process for retrieving any information on the site is similar. A search function is available which responds to queries on content titles, numbers or keywords.

* The New Mexico Compilation Commission website also features the U.S. Constitution, the New Mexico Constitution and New Mexico Territorial Laws and Treaties. These documents are rarely consulted in the CNM context, but each is fascinating in its own right.