How To Use

How to Use Policies and Procedures

Finding a policy and procedure

You can find a policy and procedure by looking in the alphabetically-arranged subject index. Or you can look at the four content categories where documents are arranged by subgroups.

Numbering Scheme

All policies and procedures have a numbering scheme based on four content categories:

  • Institutional Support IS 1000-2000
  • Instructional Support IN 3000-4000
  • Instruction I 5000-6000
  • Student Services SS 7000-8000

Menus for Policies and Procedures

After you have selected a policy and procedure topic you are linked to a menu page that lists the number, title, contents, forms and support materials for the document. You can select policy or procedure which will take you to the beginning of the document, or you can select specific topics that take you directly to the information you are seeking. For a sample select: IS 2010.

Hypertext Links

All colored and underlined words or numbers indicate a link to another related site that provides additional information.

Having a Voice

You can provide feedback related to the structure of the online system, the contents of the policies and procedures, the policy and procedure development process, and services provided by the Policies and Procedures Office.

Finding Forms and New Documents

Forms are listed at the bottom of the menu page for each policy and procedure and at the end of all policy and procedure documents. Look in What’s New to find a listing of new and revised documents that have been released in the last 60 days.