IS-1400 Medical Emergency (Policy)


Release Date: 10-17-97
Revision 1:  9/10/07


CNM Board Policy

Employee Handbook 12.04, Illness and Injuries

Administrative Directive


Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) employees are encouraged to provide assistance in emergency situations to accommodate the safety and well being of ill or injured individuals or employees.

1. Transportation of Injured or Sick Victims

1.1 Transportation of life threatening situations or severe accidents involving students, staff, or visitors is done by ambulance on the recommendation of a fire department emergency response crew (911 response).

1.2 If the injured or sick person appears to be capable of rational judgment, but is unable to drive, the person can use a CNM telephone to call for transportation. The cost of any arranged transportation is the responsibility of the injured or sick person.

1.3 CNM employees or the Security Department are not equipped to transport victims. CNM vehicles may not be checked out to do emergency transport.

1.4 There are rest areas at Main Campus Student Health Center located in the Student Services Center, and other locations on each campus, where individuals can await transport.

CNM personnel should see that someone is present until the victim is able to leave. Should a student at Main Campus appear ill or injured, and requires the assistance of the Student Health Center, the instructor should ensure that a companion accompanies the victim to the Center.


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Employee Handbook 12.04, Illness and Injuries