IS-1404 Bomb Threat Emergencies (Policy)


Release Date: 6/18/98 Revision 1
Release Date: 3/15/07


Administrative Directive


A bomb threat condition exists when a suspected bomb/explosive device has been reported, but not located.  An emergency exists when there is an apparent threat of life or property resulting from a bomb threat.  Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) takes measures to provide for the safety of  students, staff and visitors on campus during the response and handling of bomb threats and emergencies.

1. Bomb Threat Sources

1.1 Bomb threat contacts may come from a variety of sources:

  • Information is received from another agency that a bomb threat exists
  • A threatening telephone call is made to an employee
  • A written notice is received of a bomb located within CNM facilities
  • Information concerning a bomb threat is received from students, staff or private citizens

1.2  If a bomb threat is received attempt to get as much information as possible including:

  • The location of the bomb
  • The type and description of the bomb
  • The time the bomb is set to detonate
  • The identification of the caller
  • Make notes during the call regarding the sex of the caller, estimated age, voice characteristics, tone, accent, manner/emotional state, and background noises

Call the Dispatch Center Supervisor at (505) 224-3001 to report a bomb threat.

2. Notification List

2.1 The Dispatch Center notifies the following persons in the listed order immediately:

  • Shift Supervisor
  • Police Department
  • Director of Security
  • Chief of Security and Safety
  • Safety Officer
  • Building Administrator, Dean
  • Vice President for Administrative Services

3. Safety and Evacuation Issues

3.1 CNM personnel are not to touch, pick up or handle any suspicious objects or known explosive device.

3.2 CNM personnel should notify Security of any suspect package, back pack or container and keep people away until the level of threat is determined by Security.

3.3 The decision to evacuate a building is made by the Director of Security, Chief of Security and Safety, Vice President, President or by request of the Law Enforcement Agency Representative (officer).


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Support Materials:

IS-1402, Assistance from Security

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