IS-1408 Notification of Scheduled Power Outages (Policy)


Release Date: 2-12-98
Revision 1: 3/15/07


Administrative Directive


Notification of scheduled power outages is required to maintain as many of CNM's normal services as possible in any area of CNM facilities.

1. Notification Requirements

1.1 All scheduled power outages require advance notification to the Director of Security to limit disruption of facilities and programs.

1.2 The Executive Director of Physical Plant determines which areas need to be notified and the security office is responsible for coordinating the notification of impacted areas.

The following areas are normally contacted when a power outage is scheduled:

  • Site Administrator
  • Facilities Manager
  • Director of Maintenance
  • Building Administrator
  • Telecommunications Manager
  • Public Information Office
  • Duplicating and Postal Center
  • Director of Operations
  • Chief of Safety and Security
  • Vice President for Administrative Services


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