IS-1414 Motor Pool (Policy)

Release Date: 03/24/04
Revision 1:  07/07/07


Employee Handbook 12.09, Use of College Vehicles

Employee Handbook 12.12, College Property - Private Use Prohibited

Administrative Directive


Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) motor pool vehicles are available for eligible employees conducting official CNM business.  Parking Services at CNM manages and coordinates the use and maintenance of motor pool vehicles.

1. Motor Pool Contacts

The CNM motor pool provides service to all campus locations:

1.1 The CNM motor pool main office, Parking Services, is located on Main Campus in the Physical Plant building, at 901 Buena Vista SE (505) 224-4637.

1.2 Motor pool designees are located at various locations:

South Valley Campus              (505) 224-5010 or (505) 224-5000
Westside Campus                  (505) 224-5335 or (505) 224-5343
JMMC Campus                      (505) 224-5565 or (505) 224-5580
Workforce Training Center     (505) 224-5200

2. Authorized Vehicle Use

2.1 CNM provides a limited number of vehicles for eligible staff and faculty who are conducting official CNM business for either in-town or out-of-town use.  Eligible drivers are only those drivers listed on the Driver Eligibility Report.  Check with the Organizational Learning Office for any possible discrepancies regarding the Driver Eligibility Report.

2.2 In-town use is defined as the Albuquerque Metro area, which encompasses a 30-mile radius of any CNM campus.

2.3 Out-of-town use is defined as any area outside of the Albuquerque Metro area, or any area outside of a 30-mile radius from any CNM campus.  This includes out-of-state borders.

Out-of-town vehicles used for overnight travel are available through the Parking Services office at Main Campus only.

Out-of-town vehicles are restricted to reasonable use during business travel.

3. Vehicle Reservations

3.1 Reservations for in-town use, and out-of-town use, which does not involve an overnight stay, should be made one (1) business day prior to picking up a vehicle for in-town travel.

Cancellations should be made as soon as possible so vehicles can be reserved by others and maintenance and preparation can be scheduled.

3.2 Reservations for overnight, out-of-town use must be made ten (10) business days prior to picking up the vehicle at Main Campus.  A CNM Travel Request is required for all out-of-town overnight use.  A travel request can be obtained from the Travel Coordinator.  A reservation confirmation is sent to the requestor by Parking Services via fax or email within 24 hours.

3.3 Every driver must complete and submit a Vehicle Request form before a vehicle is reserved.  Vehicles are issued on a first-come, first-serve basis.  CNM Vehicles cannot be used for personal business; abuse of this administrative directive may result in disciplinary action.

3.4 Reserved vehicles that are not picked up within two hours of the scheduled reservation time will be returned to the motor pool, unless arrangements are made to hold the reservation.  Once the reservation is lost, individuals will be issued a vehicle based on availability.  Cancellations should be made as soon as possible so vehicles can be reserved by others and maintenance and preparation can be scheduled.

4. Eligible Drivers

4.1 Employees who are required to drive a CNM vehicle as a condition of employment and have met the driver eligibility requirements are placed on the Driver Eligibility Report.

4.2 Employees who request use of CNM vehicles in the course of job duties and have met the driver eligibility requirements are placed on the Driver Eligibility Report.

4.3 Student employees who have met driver eligibility requirements, and have supervisory approval for CNM vehicle in-town use only for CNM business, are placed on the Driver Eligibility Report.

4.4 Motor pool privileges are denied to anyone under the age of 18, work experience program participants and some contract employees.  Student employees are eligible to drive CNM vehicles for in-town use purposes only.  Student employees may not drive or reserve any vehicle for CNM-sponsored trips or outings.

5. Authorized Passengers

5.1 CNM faculty and staff who hold a valid CNM identification card are authorized to travel in CNM vehicles.

5.2 Student groups at CNM, who are approved by deans and directors, are authorized to be passengers in CNM vehicles.  Children, even if accompanied by student parents, are NOT authorized passengers.

5.3 Authorized volunteers affiliated with an official CNM program and directly supervised by a CNM employee can be passengers in CNM vehicles.

5.4 A temporary employee can be a passenger in a CNM vehicle, if the sponsoring department of that temporary employee submits a memo to Parking Services indicating that the employee is authorized to travel in a CNM vehicle.

5.5 Individuals under contract with CNM can be a passenger in a CNM vehicle, if the sponsoring department of the contract employee submits a memo to Parking Services indicating that the contractor is authorized to travel in CNM vehicles.

5.6 Research subjects who are unable to transport themselves can be transported in CNM vehicles with permission of the appropriate director or dean.

5.7 Vendors doing business with CNM are authorized to travel in CNM vehicles

5.8 Visiting dignitaries, speakers and scholars are authorized passengers.

6. Accidents

6.1 All accidents must be reported to Parking Services as soon as possible.  The driver must follow the instructions in the Motor Pool administrative directive stored in the glove compartment of the vehicle.  The driver's responsibilities include contacting local authorities, obtaining witness information and completing the Vehicle Accident Report.  Upon returning, the driver must file an Incident Report with Security.

6.2 Parking Services must approve any arrangements involving alternate transportation and travel accommodations which must be done through the Travel Coordinator during business hours, or through CNM's Travel Agency after business hours.

7. Vehicle Breakdowns

Parking Services strives to maintain its fleet of vehicles in the best possible condition, however unforeseen breakdowns can occur.  The Department makes every effort to assist the customer during any breakdown situation to minimize inconvenience and lost time.

7.1 Contact Parking Services regarding vehicle breakdowns.  If the employee is in-town, Parking Services will arrange for transportation and vehicle pick up.

7.2 If the employee is out-of-town, Parking Services will coordinate the repair or transport of the vehicle.  Parking Services can authorize emergency repairs via phone to the repairing company.

7.3 Drivers of CNM vehicles who have an emergency after normal business hours must contact Security Dispatch instead of the Parking Services Manager.  The Parking Services Manager is then contacted to approve repairs, alternative transportation or accommodations.

No reimbursement is made regarding repairs paid for with cash, check or personal credit card, because this is a violation of the CNM procurement process.

7.4 Parking Services determines if it is necessary for the traveler to get alternative transportation or accommodations.  If Parking Services approves alternate travel provisions, the traveler is authorized to contact the Travel Coordinator for arrangements.  If the vehicle breakdown occurs after normal business hours, the employee will be directed by Parking Services or Security to use the emergency phone number list to contact the travel agency.

A traveler will need to use personal funds (cash, check or credit card) to pay for emergency transportation and accommodations which will be reimbursed when the appropriate receipts are submitted to the Travel Coordinator.

8. Driver Responsibilities

8.1 CNM vehicles must not be used for personal use.

8.2 Drivers are responsible for any tickets issued while driving a CNM vehicle.  Eligible drivers are covered by the CNM insurer if involved in an accident while conducting CNM business in a CNM vehicle.

8.3 CNM vehicles cannot be taken to personal residences for overnight parking.

8.4 A current and valid New Mexico driver's license must be presented when the vehicle is picked up from Parking Services or a satellite motor pool.

8.5 A Driver's Vehicle Inspection Report must be completed by any driver of a CNM vehicle every time they use a CNM motor pool vehicle.

8.6 The driver of a motor pool vehicle must check the Motor Vehicle Resources Kit in the glove compartment and report any missing items.

The Motor Vehicle Resources Kit should contain the following:

      • Proof of Insurance
      • Vehicle Registration
      • Vehicle Accident Report (CNM insurance's carrier form)
      • Instant Camera
      • Emergency Contact Numbers
      • Fueling Location Map
      • A copy of Motor Pool Administrative Directive (including procedural steps for Reporting Accidents and Requesting Assistance for Vehicle Breakdowns)
      • Vehicle Owner's Manual

9. Motor Pool Responsibilities

9.1 The CNM motor pool maintains the mechanical, interior and exterior of all CNM motor pool vehicles.

9.2 The CNM motor pool maintains vehicles with full-liability insurance through the CNM insurer.

9.3 The CNM motor pool maintains New Mexico Department of Motor Vehicles licensing requirements.

9.4 The CNM motor pool provides road-side assistance for all fleet vehicles.

10. Safety Requirements

10.1 Parking Services prepares the motor pool vehicles to promote safe travel, but it is the driver's responsibility to observe safe driving practices.  The following practices are noted as a reminder
of some important safety tips for drivers using CNM motor pool vehicles.  Complaints of reckless driving in a CNM fleet vehicle may lead to disciplinary action.

Buckle Up It is proven that seat belts save lives and New Mexico law requires that all automobile operators wear seat belts at all times.
Pay Attention Driving safely requires all of your attention.  Due to a city ordinance, do not multitask by using such things as cell phones or personal data
Avoid Distractions Do not cause distractions by applying makeup or shaving.  Do not try to change radio stations, CD's or tapes while driving.  Do not eat or
drink while driving.  Do not allow conversations with passengers to draw attention away from the road.
Obey the Law Comply with all traffic laws at all times.  Do not operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and or any controlled substance.
Watch the Weather Check on weather conditions prior to travel and plan additional driving time or possible delays if the weather is adverse.
Plan Ahead Plan the travel by looking at a map and plotting out the trip.  Be sure to familiarize yourself with the features of the vehicle such as the headlights, windshield wipers and other safety equipment.


11. Assigned Department Motor Pool Vehicles

Parking Services understands the special needs of departments within the CNM community and provides assigned vehicles.  Contact Parking Services to determine the location of the assigned vehicles.

11.1 All drivers of these assigned vehicles must meet the same driver eligibility requirements as all motor pool vehicles.

11.2 Motor pool custodians at the designated areas must check the Driver Eligibility Report of the person checking out the motor vehicle.  If the person does not qualify, the vehicle will not be issued.

11.3 Vehicle checklists must be completed for these vehicles each time they are checked out. Any items checked "bad" or any vehicle operation comments must be reported immediately to the Fleet Coordinator or to Parking Services on Main campus. Departments with assigned vehicles must file the Driver Vehicle Inspection Report for that vehicle.

11.4 Drivers of the assigned vehicles should contact the motor pool designee when the vehicle has less than one-half a tank of gas or make arrangements to have the vehicle filled.


Support Materials

Reference Materials

  • Driver Eligibility Report (All eligible drivers of CNM vehicles are listed on the Driver Eligibility Report. Access to the Driver Eligibility Report is limited contact the Organizational Learning Office for more information.)