IS-1418 Fleet Vehicle Management (Policy)

Release Date: 10/15/08
Revision 1: 08/30/22


Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) maintains a fleet of vehicles for daily campus operations and instructional programs. CNM Parking & Fleet Services coordinates the acquisition, transfer and disposal of CNM vehicles. New vehicles are purchased using the vehicle acquisition process. All vehicle donations are coordinated through the CNM Foundation.

1. Fleet Vehicle Administration

1.1 All acquisition, transfer or disposal of CNM vehicles must be approved and coordinated by the Director of Parking & Fleet Services or designee, who notifies the Business Office of an intended acquisition, sale, trade-in, or other transfer of CNM vehicles. Donated vehicles are administered by the CNM Foundation and are inventoried through the Business Office.

1.2 Instructional vehicles are designated for educational purposes and cannot be used as motor pool vehicles.

1.3 Parking & Fleet Services registers and licenses all CNM vehicles with the New Mexico Department of Motor Vehicles. The exception is title transfer only for instructional vehicles.

1.4 Parking & Fleet Services manages disposal of CNM-owned vehicles unless otherwise specified in a contract.

1.5 Fleet Compliance Manger notifies departments of assigned vehicles when:

1. Emissions test are required for motor pool/department vehicles.

2. Routine maintenance for motor pool/department vehicles is required.

3. Inspection and delivery of new vehicles will take place.

1.6 Emergency repairs are reported to Security at (505) 224-3002 and handled through Parking & Fleet Services.

2. Vehicle Allocation 

2.1 The vehicle allocation/replacement program is designed to provide maximum use and return on investment regarding CNM vehicles.    

2.1.1 Allocations are assigned based upon such things as vehicle age, minimum mileage, maintenance costs, department needs and student support as determined by Parking & Fleet Services.

2.1.2 Vehicles should not be held past the maximum age criteria unless justified, however, the deciding factors are the vehicle's overall condition and the needs of CNM. Parking & Fleet Services notifies departments when vehicles have exceeded the maximum age criteria.

2.1.3 The Fleet Compliance Manager assists the Director of Parking & Fleet Services in determining when or if, the vehicle should be disposed of based on the condition of the vehicle, College needs, and maintenance costs.  

2.2  A department head shall request a vehicle by submitting a Vehicle Acquisition Request Form or a replacement vehicle workbook form. The decision regarding a replacement vehicle is affected by budget considerations and the metrics developed which support the mission, vision and values of the College.

2.3 The Business Office compiles an annual list of suggested vehicle replacements. This list is reviewed by the Fleet Compliance Manager and Director of Parking & Fleet Services at the start of the fiscal year to determine potential vehicle acquisitions.

2.4 The approved list is used to procure new vehicles in compliance with the State of New Mexico procurement requirements and the Alternate Fuels program.

3. Vehicle Acquisition

3.1 Fleet vehicles can be acquired by purchase, lease or donation. CNM vehicles can be purchased or leased through Parking & Fleet Services. Donated fleet vehicles are processed through the CNM Foundation and assigned by Parking & Fleet Services.

3.2 Purchasing and Leasing Vehicles

3.2.1 Parking & Fleet Services oversees the purchase of vehicles for CNM. All acquisitions, and fleet donations, for CNM vehicles are approved and authorized through Parking & Fleet Services. All recommendations for vehicle acquisitions are reviewed and approved by the Director of Parking & Fleet Services. Vehicles in CNM’s care, custody and control used for instructional purposes are monitored by Parking & Fleet Services. All contract requirements are monitored by Parking & Fleet Services, the Foundation Office and the area assigned the vehicle to ensure compliance.

3.2.2 The request for vehicle acquisition is started by submitting a Vehicle Acquisition Request Form to Parking & Fleet Services. Parking & Fleet Services Fleet Compliance Manager evaluates requests based upon metrics to evaluate budgetary restrictions and College needs.      

3.2.3 Leasing must be authorized by Parking & Fleet Services. Monthly lease payments are the responsibility of the area leasing the vehicle.  All arrangements for the lease of vehicles must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate vice president.        

3.2.4 Parking & Fleet Services processes the purchase requisitions for new vehicles through the CNM purchasing process. Vehicle purchases are based on budgetary restrictions.

3.3 Donated Vehicles  

3.3.1 After contact by a potential donor, CNM Foundation will notify the department and Parking & Fleet Services of possible donation. The CNM Fleet Compliance Manager or departmental instructor obtains the appropriate vehicle information to determine if the donation fits the needs of the College. Parking & Fleet Services will review the pending donation to determine if the donation can support CNM fleet vehicle needs.   A donated vehicle is screened by the Fleet Compliance Manager for: age (maximum age 10 years); condition of vehicle; and training needs if applicable.

3.3.2 All donated vehicles accepted by CNM are processed through the CNM Foundation. The paperwork involved with vehicle donations is strictly controlled and monitored.  Vehicle donations are coordinated by the CNM Foundation.    

3.3.3 The original vehicle title/certificate of origin and bill of sale are sent to the Business Office. The Business Office confirms the inventory requirement. The vehicle title/certificate of origin and the bill of sale are sent to Parking & Fleet Services which, unless prohibited by the donation agreement, transfers the title from the donor to CNM in accordance with state law. Fleet vehicles must also be registered with the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Department for street operation in accordance with state law. 

4. Processing Vehicles

4.1 Inspection and licensing of all new or donated vehicles are inspected by the Fleet Compliance Manager before they are accepted into the CNM inventory. Parking & Fleet Services is responsible for the title, registration and licensing process involved with new or donated vehicles. 

4.1.1 Parking & Fleet Services is responsible for the registration and licensing of vehicles with the Motor Vehicle Department. Vehicles used for instructional purposes are not licensed and require only a title transfer.

4.1.2 Parking & Fleet Services maintains files regarding all CNM-owned vehicles, titles and registration. The fleet compliance manger maintains a vehicle tracking software which includes files of all maintenance and warranties for fleet and instructional vehicles.  

5. Fleet Maintenance

5.1 The Fleet Compliance Manger maintains a vehicle tracking software for all CNM fleet, instructional and donated vehicles.  This software tracks: fleet vehicle list cost avoidance; fleet emission test due dates; preventive maintenance status report; and fleet vehicle mileage and fuel tracking.

The Fleet Compliance Manager is responsible for:

1. Tracking of all scheduled maintenance and emission test requirements of fleet vehicles unless an outside vendor is required.

2. Coordinating routine maintenance with assigned departments. 

3. Consulting with the Director of Parking & Fleet Services on repairs, vehicle purchases and disposals.

4. Managing emergency repairs if the breakdown occurs within a reasonable distance to enable retrieval of the vehicle.

6. Disposal and Salvage of Vehicles

6.1 CNM motor pool and instructional vehicles can be offered at auction, salvaged or donated to another public school. CNM can dispose of obsolete, worn-out or unusable tangible property belonging to the College and then delete that item from its public inventory, in accordance with the appropriate procedural steps.  CNM disposes of tangible personal property in accordance with Governing Board procedures and revised New Mexico State Statute (13-6-1 NMSA 1978)

6.2 Any request to dispose of a vehicle will be coordinated through Parking & Fleet Services and the Business Office. The department/office requesting disposal must complete the equipment disposal information section of the Equipment Disposal Form and obtain the required departmental signatures.  Parking & Fleet Services will review and authorize the request and send it to the Business Office for review and final approval.

6.3 The Business Office finalizes the Equipment Inventory Adjustment Form. Vehicles whose acquisition cost is $5,000 or more on College Inventory may not be disposed of until approved by the CNM Governing Board. For donated fleet or instructional vehicles, the Business Office will verify with CNM Foundation and the department if there are written requirements on file for the vehicle disposal.

6.4 Parking & Fleet Services notifies the College's insurance carrier and the New Mexico Motor Vehicles Department when a vehicle is removed from fleet use.  Parking & Fleet Services signs off on title for disposition of vehicles.

6.5 All vehicle sales are completed through the designated auction company with any revenues returning to the College.

6.6 The Fleet Compliance Manager coordinates with departments to arrange pickup and delivery for disposal.  Parking & Fleet Services ensures that the vehicle title is forwarded to the final destination (auction, crusher, donation recipient). 


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