IS-2040 Layoff (Policy)

Human Resources
Release Date: 12/7/00
Revision 1: 12/2/04


CNM Board Policy

Employee Handbook 3.07, Involuntary Termination

Administrative Directive


Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) recognizes that there are circumstances under which it may be necessary to reduce the work force.  This directive applies when layoffs are necessary due to lack of work, lack of funds, economic slowdowns, technological or structural changes in CNM operations, or when layoffs otherwise are determined to be necessary by the College.

This directive is superseded by existing Collective Bargaining Agreements and Administrative Directive Contract and Grant Funded Positions.

1. Reduction in Force

Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) has the exclusive authority to determine when a reduction in force is to occur and what constitutes sufficient reason for a reduction.  Reasons for a reduction in force include but are not limited to:

  • program reduction or deletion;

  • lack of funds;

  • reorganization, including position consolidation or deletion, or change from full-time status to part-time status;

  • needs of the industry;

  • fluctuations in enrollment.

The College first determines which position classifications will be eliminated. When selecting employees within those position classifications for a reduction in force, consideration is given first to job skills and minimum requirements, then to performance record, and then to seniority as defined in CNM Board Policy (Employee Handbook Section 3.07), in this order. 

2. Notification

The Human Resources Department will provide the affected employees with written notice of the impending layoff in compliance with Federal and State requirements.

3. Benefits

Options exist for the extension of health care benefits and some Life Insurance benefits.  See Administrative Directive Employment Separation for details.  Unemployment compensation may be available under certain circumstances.  Employees interested in this coverage may contact the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions.

4. Definitions


Seniority shall be based first upon an employees length of full-time service with the College, second upon length of full-time service within an employees job classification and third upon full-time service within the department.  Exceptions must be in writing and approved by the President.



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