IS-2040 Layoff (Procedure)

Human Resources

Release Date: 12/7/00
Revision 1: 12/2/04


  1. Reduction in Force


1.1 Assemble performance reviews and other information relevant to layoff selection.

1.2 Prepare a list of employees based on the evaluation of affected employees.

1.3 Review the list and supporting documentation for concurrence with the appropriate Vice President.

1.4 Meet with Human Resources to review the list and supporting documents to ensure conformance with this and other CNM policies.

2. Notification

Human Resources

2.1 Prepare and deliver a formal notice of layoff to the affected employees.

2.1.2 Include the reasons for the layoff, the affected employees, and the expected date of the layoff.

2.2 Meet with the affected employees to review the terms and conditions of their separation in accordance with CNMs Separation Policy.

2.3 Coordinate with the Payroll Department to ensure that final paychecks are prepared and tendered to terminated employees in accordance with federal and state laws.


2.4 Ensure completion of the separation process in accordance with CNMs Separation Policy


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Notice of Layoff (Template)

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