IS-2044 Administrative Employment Contract (Policy)

Human Resources

Release Date: 02/08/01
Revision 1: 03/12/04
Revision 2: 12/02/04
Revision 3: 02/19/20


CNM Board Policy

Employee Handbook 3.03, Employment

Administrative Directive


Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) senior administrative staff and other administrative employees specifically identified by the President execute employment contracts.  The responsibilities associated with these positions are such that the College reserves the right to renew or not renew the contracts of the incumbents in these positions in accordance with the terms of those contracts.

1. Contract Terms and Conditions

Contracted employees serve at the discretion of the President.  There is no commitment expressed or implied to renew or extend their employment beyond the terms of their contracts.  The President's decision not to renew or extend contracted employee's contracts is binding and final and not subject to any grievance procedure.

Except for the College's right to either renew or not renew an employment contract, and except for matters specifically set forth in such contracts (such as salary), the benefits, terms, and conditions of employment of administrative employees on contract are governed by Governing Board Policy as documented in the Employee Handbook. This includes the Colleges right to terminate or otherwise discipline such employees for good and sufficient reason during the term of their contracts.

2. Termination

The termination of the employment of contracted employees is governed by the terms of their contracts.

3. Reassignment

In the event that an administrative employee subject to IS-2044 is given a notice of non-renewal of their contract the employee may be required to fulfill the existing contract in the current position, may be assigned to other duties or may be required to take leave with pay for the balance of the contractual period, at the College's discretion. Failure to cooperate with and perform the functions of an alternative assignment after being notified of non-renewal may result in the immediate termination of the contract at the discretion of the President.

4. Position Announcements

Announcement for positions subject to this policy will state that they are for fixed terms, subject to renewal at the Colleges discretion pursuant to this policy.

5. Definitions


Discretionary non-renewal of an employee's contract, as opposed to termination or dismissal for proper cause.


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