IS-2056 Sick Leave (Policy)

Human Resources

Release Date: 04/13/01
Revision 1: 04/30/03
Revision 2: 05/10/04
Revision 3: 03/23/06
Revision 4:  07/29/09
Revision 5: 02/19/20


CNM Board Policy

Employee Handbook 8.04, Sick Leave

Administrative Directive


Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) recognizes that employees and members of an employee's immediate family may get sick or injured, and that a reasonable period of time away from work may be required.  Paid sick leave is a benefit provided by CNM to enable employees to continue on paid status during an illness or injury.  This administrative directive defines the paid sick leave policy, as well as  payment for accrued sick leave.

1. Eligible Employees

1.1 Sick leave is an employee benefit specified only for regular, employees and is intended to be used for relief in cases of personal illness, illness of immediate family member, or injury or quarantines of the employee or an immediate family member.

1.1.1  For health care appointments, employees should submit a request for sick leave to their supervisor in advance (when possible) using a Leave Request Authorization form.  If not possible, a Leave Request Authorization form should be completed and submitted immediately upon return to work.

1.1.2  Upon approval of the requested leave, the supervisor signs the Leave Request Authorization form and forwards it to the department payroll contact.

1.2 Regular, full-time employees accrue sick leave as follows:

1.2.1  Full-time instructors accrue three hours per pay period worked, up to maximum of 1362 hours (227 days).

1.2.2  Part-time instructors accrue per their collective bargaining agreement.

1.2.3 Other full-time employees on an eight-hour-per-day work schedule accrue four hours per pay period, up to a maximum of 2080 hours (260 days).

1.2.4  Part-time employees accrue leave on a prorated basis based on a forty hour work week.

1.2.5  No sick leave is accrued while an employee is on leave without pay.

2. Authorized Use of Sick Leave

2.1 If an absence is due to a work-related injury or illness, the president may permit advance of additional paid sick leave to the employee equal to sick leave the employee would have accrued during the balance of the fiscal year.

2.1.1  To request an advance of paid sick leave, the employee must submit a request in writing to the President providing specific information to justify the request.  The President shall notify the employee in writing regarding the decision whether to approve or deny the advance sick leave.  If approved, a copy of the President's response is forwarded to the employee and to Payroll.  The original is filed in Human Resources.

2.2 An employee who is unable to perform duties because of personal illness or disability must notify her or his supervisor according to the procedures established in the employees division.

2.3 A supervisor may require an employee to provide a physician's certificate of illness for sickness absence, attesting to the employee's illness.

2.4 Appointments with a healthcare provider for self and members of the immediate family are legitimate reasons for sick leave absence.  Prior arrangements must be made with the employee's supervisor, and adequate documentation may be required.

2.5 Abuse of sick leave is sufficient reason for disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or other disciplinary action.

3. Payment for Accrued Sick Leave

3.1 An employee who (1) was employed in full-time status prior to July 1, 1990, and who (2) has continuously maintained that employment status, and who (3) either (a) terminates full-time employment with CNM and simultaneously retires under the Educational Retirement Act (ERA), or (b) dies while still employed by CNM after becoming eligible to retire under ERA shall be entitled to receive payment for accrued sick leave at the following conversion rates:

3.1.1 Fewer than 150 days, one day of pay will be given for each three days of sick leave.

3.1.2 Between 150 and 260 days (staff), 227 days (instructor), one day of pay will be given for each two days of sick leave in excess of 150.

3.1.3  Accrued leave in excess of 260 days for staff and 227 days for instructors will be forfeited if not used.

3.2 Employees who qualify will receive a lump sum payment which is subject to the usual payroll taxes with the exception of the Educational Retirement Act (ERA).

3.3 Employees not employed prior to July 1, 1990 shall receive no payment for accrued sick leave.

3.4 If the employee qualifies for the payout of sick leave, payment is issued at the time of the next paycheck.

4. Definitions

Immediate Family

The immediate family of an employee is the spouse, child or stepchild, grandchild, parent or stepparent, sister or stepsister, brother or stepbrother, grandparent, son-in-law or daughter-in- law, sister-in-law or brother-in-law, mother-in-law or father-in-law or others who reside in the same household with the employee, or a person in loco parent is (a person who is acting in place of a parent or who is in the care of a person acting in place of a parent).



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Employee Handbook 8.04, Sick Leave
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