IS - 2080 Collective Bargaining (Policy)

Human Resources
Release Date: 7/10/01
Revision 1:12/9/04


Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) desires to guarantee its regular employees the right to organize and bargain collectively on labor-related issues.  To this end, the CNM's Labor Relations Board was established to set forth the manner and means for the selection and certification of collective bargaining representatives, to define the scope of collective bargaining between the institution and representatives of its employees, to provide means and procedures for resolving collective bargaining impasses and to define and provide remedies for certain prohibited practices.

Certain segments of CNM's employee population are unified under the terms of Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA's).  Full-time instructors, part-time instructors, instructional support services employees, maintenance and operations employees and security employees are currently governed by CBA's.

1. Existing Collective Bargaining Agreements

Currently there are five Collective Bargaining Agreements between CNM and bargaining units:

  • American Federation of Teachers - New Mexico - CNM (AFT-NM-CNM) - Full-time Faculty;
  • American Federation of Teachers - New Mexico - CNM (AFT-NM-CNM) - Part-time Faculty;
  • American Federation of Teachers - New Mexico - CNM (AFT-NM-CNM)) - Full and Part-time Security Employees
  • Communication Workers of America (CWA) - Operations, Maintenance and Food Service employees; and
  • American Federation of Teachers - New Mexico - CNM (AFT-NM-CNM) - Full and Part-time Instructional Support

Regular employees, other than management employees, supervisors and confidential employees, may form, join or assist any labor organization for the purpose of collective bargaining through representatives chosen by them in accordance with the procedures established under this policy.   Membership in the labor organization is voluntary, however all employees in a bargaining unit are represented by the exclusive representative of that bargaining unit.

2. Contact Information

For information regarding Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs), contact the Human Resources Department (224-4600).


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