IS-2088 Bereavement Leave (Policy)

Human Resources

Release Date: 7/27/01
Revision 1:5/3/06


Employee Handbook 8.02, Bereavement Leave

Administrative Directive


Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) recognizes that employees may require a reasonable period of time away from work upon the death of an immediate family member.  Paid bereavement leave is a benefit provided by CNM for regular, full-time instructional, instructional support, and non-instructional employees.  It is intended to enable employees to travel if necessary and to attend the funeral of an immediate family member.  This administrative directive addresses the circumstances that qualify an employee for bereavement leave and the employees rights and obligations.

1. Bereavement Leave

1.1 Up to three days of leave with pay will be granted to full-time employees for each death in the employees immediate family. To request bereavement leave, submit a Request for Leave form to your supervisor.  If possible, do so prior to taking leave.  If this cannot be done, notify supervisor and submit form immediately upon return to work.

1.2 The supervisor may require the employee to present proof of the death of an immediate family member.  If supervisor has questions about what constitutes proof, contact Human Resources Representative.

1.3 If the employee needs to take additional leave, she/he may take annual leave, personal leave or leave without pay.  The employee should contact the appropriate Human Resources Representative for information about available leave time.

1.4 Bereavement leave is granted on an as-needed basis.  Employees do not accrue (earn) bereavement leave.  Any bereavement leave that is used is not deducted from any leave balances.

2. Definitions

Annual Leave

Sometimes called vacation time.  Regular, full-time non-instructional employees receive annual leave with pay.  For more information, see IS-2074 Annual Leave.

Immediate Family

The immediate family of an employee is the spouse, child or stepchild, grandchild, parent or stepparent, sister or stepsister, brother or stepbrother, grandparent, son-in-law or daughter-in-law, sister-in-law or brother-in-law, mother-in-law or father-in-law or others who reside in the same household with the employee, or a person in loco parentis (a person who is acting in place of a parent or who is in the care of a person acting in place of a parent).

Leave without Pay

Regular, full-time employees may request to take unpaid leave.

Personal Leave

Regular, full-time instructional and non-instructional employees receive personal leave.



Support Materials

IS-2074, Annual Leave
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Reference Materials

Employee Handbook 8.02, Bereavement Leave