IS-2092 Mandatory Training

Human Resources

Effective Date: 10/2/18


IS-2092 provides a Mandatory Training Table as guidance for supervisors in determining what trainings their employees need to complete. Additionally, this section provides a description of all trainings, the timelines for completion of all trainings, and a description of the tracking process.

Training Descriptions and Timelines for Completion

1. New Employee Orientation, Phases I-III (NEO I-III)

1.1 NEO I

All new and rehired employees, excluding Casual and Temporary employees, must attend NEO I, which is offered by the Human Resources Department. Orientation is provided to familiarize employees with CNM as an organization and to help them feel welcome. It is designed to impart a uniform understanding of Central New Mexico Community College’s (CNM) general policies and benefits. During these orientations, employees complete several forms, receive an overview of CNM’s employment policies, receive benefits information, and instruction for completing pre-work training requirements. 

1.2 NEO II

Supervisors conduct NEO II orientation meetings to ensure that all new, transfers or returning employees have received all necessary information that applies to their particular job. Transfer employees may be required to take additional mandatory training courses based on job dependencies and conditions of employment. The supervisor must determine what additional courses, certifications and training will be required to successfully complete assigned job duties. Supervisors will be sent a Phase II New Employee Orientation Checklist as a guide to ensure that all pertinent information has been covered, including completion of mandatory training. Staff Employees must complete the orientation within the first two weeks of employment, faculty must complete the orientation within the first 30 days of employment.


The Employee Training Department conducts NEO III on a monthly basis. NEO III provides an insight into the culture and identity of CNM and highlights the idea that CNM’s success is driven by each and every employee’s valuable contribution. All full-time faculty and both full and part-time staff are required to complete this orientation. 

2. Pre-Work Mandatory Trainings

Each employee must complete pre-work training before they begin work at CNM. Pre-Work is training that is required prior to the initial assignment in the employee’s work area. For Job specific OSHA related training, training must also be completed before an employee can begin working with physical, chemical, or biological hazards. The identified at-risk employee groups include Safety and Security employees, Maintenance and Operations employees. The academic schools have staff and faculty positions identified in HWPS, BHT, MSE, LA and STA programs.

 2.1 NEO I

 Described in Section 1.1 above. 

 2.2 Job specific OSHA related training

  • Hazard Communication Standard
    This training, in compliance with the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, informs employees about the physical and health hazards of chemicals in the workplace.

  • Bloodborne Pathogen Prevention
    CNM employees with occupational exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens are required to complete the mandatory Bloodborne Pathogen Prevention training on initial onboarding and on an annual basis thereafter.  The identified at-risk employee groups include Safety and Security employees, Maintenance and Operations employees, job specific positions for some staff and faculty identified in Academic school programs and positions. 

3. Two-Week Mandatory Training

3.1 NEO II

Described in Section 1.2 above. 

4. Thirty Day Training Requirement

4.1 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

This training provides important guidelines for faculty and staff to ensure the confidentiality of student educational records. 

4.2 Information Security Training

Information Security Training provides detailed information to help employees keep student, employee, and college information confidential and secure. The training also outlines appropriate use guidelines for college equipment. 

4.3 Sexual Misconduct & Discrimination to include:

  • Harassment Prevention
    In order to provide a safe, positive environment for all CNM employees, and to help prevent incidents of sexual harassment, this training provides information on how to identify, report, prevent, and avoid sexual harassment incidents. 

  • Title IX and Sexual Misconduct
    This federally mandated training provides critical information to ensure the well-being of employees and students. The content outlines Title IX and the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act provisions to ensure a safe and harassment-free workplace. 

    The Sexual Misconduct & Discrimination training will occur on an annual basis after initial enrollment.


Described in Section 1.3 above. 

4.5 General Safety Training to include Campus Safety

  • CNM Campus Safety and Emergency Response
    This training is intended to facilitate the safety of all CNM employees. Participants learn campus evacuation procedures, how to survive hostage and active shooter situations, and campus and building lockdown procedures. 

4.6  Americans with Disabilities Act Training

This training provides an overview of the two acts that govern our accommodation procedures within CNM classrooms. The training provides an overview of CNM’s Accessibility Services and the resources that are available to students with disabilities. The training describes the differences between accommodating students in college and how to ensure students with disabilities receive their accommodations and auxiliary aids, while maintaining the integrity of fundamental learning objectives. The training provides examples of the steps necessary to implement these accommodations.

5. Condition of Employment Trainings

5.1 Defensive Driving Course

The college maintains a motor pool of vehicles for use in conducting CNM business. Some personnel are required to use CNM vehicles as part of their job duties. These employees must complete Defensive Driving training prior to beginning work duties requiring use of a CNM vehicle. All employees who use CNM vehicles are required to complete Defensive Driving training prior to reserving a vehicle. 

  • The Defensive Driving course will occur every three years after initial enrollment.


Upon hire to CNM, employees will be automatically enrolled into their mandatory training based on their role, status, or position. This includes NEO Phase I and NEO Phase III. Upon enrollment of mandatory training, the courses will have a completion date assigned. The supervisor is responsible for verifying that the required trainings are complete. Training completions can be confirmed by the supervisor by logging into the Learning Management System (LMS) and reviewing the employee’s transcript. Supervisors will be notified if employees are delinquent on their training completions.

The supervisor is responsible to complete the Phase II checklist for staff and return to Human Resources within the new employee’s first two weeks. For faculty, the orientation must be documented and sent to Human Resources within the new employee’s first 30 days. Reports will be run and checked by Employee Training for completion status. Supervisors will be notified for missing orientation checklists. A copy of the checklist will be maintained by Employee Training. Failure to successfully complete training in a timely manner may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Training Descriptions and Timelines for Completion

Mandatory Training Table

Employee Type

Part-time Faculty

Part-time Staff

Full-time Staff

Full-time Faculty

Temporary Employee

Casual Employee

Student Employee

In Person 


Within these Timeframes


x x x x x Yes No Pre-work


x x x x Yes No Two week


x x x Yes No 30-day

Approving Employee Timesheets


Bloodborne Pathogen Prevention

JD JD JD JD JD JD JD No Yes Pre-work

General Campus Safety & Emergency Response

x x x x x x x No Yes 30-day


x x x x x x x No Yes 30-day

Hazard Communication Standard

JD JD JD JD JD JD JD No Yes Pre-work

Information Security for the General User

x x x x x x x No Yes 30-day

Defensive Driving Course


Title IX and Sexual Misconduct

x x x x x x x No Yes 30-day

Americans with Disabilities Act

x x x x x x x No Yes 30-day

Harassment Prevention

x x x x x x x No Yes 30-day
x = Mandatory Training Requirement
COE = Condition of Employment

JD = Job Dependent
SUP DETER = Supervisor Determines Completion Time
* WTC Casual/Temporary Employees do not have to complete courses, but rather sign a summary sheet of acknowledgement.
** Student Employee orientation done at Financial Aid 


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