IS-2504 College Schedule Changes (Policy)


Release Date: 12-24-97
Revision 1: 4/19/04
Revision 2: 5/3/06


CNM Board Policy

Employee Handbook 7.04, Modified Schedule

Administrative Directive


Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) recognizes that there are circumstances under which it may be necessary to alter its normal schedule.  This directive applies when closures or schedule modifications are necessary due to inclement weather or other emergency circumstances.

1. General Information

1.1  Only the President's Office or the President's designee can determine if the College alters its normal schedule.

1.2 The CNM switchboard and Albuquerque area radio and television stations are notified of any changes to the normal College schedule.  CNM uses the telephone information line (224-4SNO), the CNM website and "ALLCNM" e-mail to notify employees of closures or modified schedules.

1.3 Supervisors cannot close their offices early without prior approval of the President or designee.

2. Types of Closings/Schedule Modifications

2.1 Inclement Weather

2.1.1 College closures or delays due to inclement weather are determined only as the result of extreme weather conditions.  Should weather conditions vary significantly from one campus location to another, the decision made by the President or the President's designee may vary by campus.

2.2 Other Closures or Delays

2.2.1 College closures or schedule changes may result from emergency situations such as building maintenance problems or other special circumstances.  Such closures or delays are determined on a case-by-case basis and may vary from building to building and campus to campus.

2.2.2 Whenever possible, affected employees are placed in alternative work settings while the modified schedule is in effect.  Employees whose offices, buildings or campuses are not affected by the modified schedule must maintain a regular work schedule.

2.3 Closures/Schedule Changes Affecting Final Exams

2.3.1 In the event College closures or schedule changes occur during final exams, faculty whose exams, projects or other graded work due dates are affected by a delay or closure follow the option adopted by their instructional division. Options may include, but are not limited to:

Exams will be rescheduled; due dates extended.

Current grades that students have going into the final week become final grades.

2.3.2    Faculty notifies students in writing in advance (preferably in the course curriculum) which option will be in effect should an emergency affect a final exam.

2.3.3    In individual student emergency cases, faculty may apply the Colleges Incomplete Grade policy.

3. Personnel

3.1 Essential Personnel

Yearly, each vice president determines which positions and employees are considered essential. The employees are notified of their status so they can plan to report to work and/or remain on duty when a schedule change is in effect.

3.1.1 Essential personnel are required to report to duty at their regularly scheduled time to maintain a regular work schedule unless they are otherwise notified by their supervisor.

3.1.2 If the situation warrants, deans/department heads may determine, on a case-by-case basis, which employees need to report to and/or remain on duty to accomplish specific essential departmental tasks. This determination should be communicated immediately to the appropriate vice president and to the payroll manager.

3.2 Nonessential Personnel

3.2.1 All nonessential personnel who are scheduled to work on a day when a schedule change is in effect are expected to monitor the media, call the College's switchboard or telephone information line, or access the CNM website to find out the schedule for the day. Nonessential employees are required to be at work during a modified schedule as if it were their regular work day, or take approved annual or personal leave.

4. Payroll Implications

The impact of College closings on pay varies with the type of position and any current Collective Bargaining Agreements. Refer to the Essential Personnel Pay Matrix.

4.1 Essential personnel are paid one-and-one-half times their regular hourly rate for time they are on duty while the entire College is closed for any reason.  When only a portion of the College is closed, these employees are paid their regular wages.

[4.2 omitted in original or subsequently deleted without explanation]

4.3 Nonessential full-time employees are paid their regular wages while the College is closed.

4.4 Nonessential full-time personnel who report to duty prior to the official opening, or who remain on duty after an official closing, are paid their regular pay rate.

4.5 Part-time employees are not paid for any hours they do not work.

4.6 Student employees are not paid for any hours they do not work.

5. Leave and Flex Time Considerations

5.1 Pre-approved leave (annual, personal or sick leave approved on or before the day of a closure) effective during a closure or modified schedule will not be adjusted.

5.2 Employees who do not report for work at their scheduled time or leave earlier than their scheduled time must arrange with their supervisors for the approval and use of annual or personal leave.

5.3 Part-time employees, with the prior approval of their supervisors, have the option of making up any hours not worked due to schedule changes within the current pay period.  However, making up missed hours due to College closure cannot result in employees working overtime or more than their normally scheduled hours.

5.4 Student employees, with prior approval of their supervisors, have the option of making up any hours not worked due to schedule changes, up to the maximum number of hours allowed by Financial Aid policy.  The made-up hours must fall in the same period as the hours not worked.

6. Definitions

Essential Personnel

Designated employees who are required to report or remain on duty as specified by their supervisors on days when a closure or modified schedule is in effect.

Flex Time

The early starting time or late stopping time of an individual's work day, maintained on a consistent basis, or equal time off for time worked within the same work week, at the supervisor's discretion.

Inclement Weather

Weather conditions that may threaten the safety of employees, students and visitors.

Nonessential Personnel

Employees who are not required to work during a schedule change.

Other Closures or Delays

College closings or schedule changes that are due to emergency situations, building maintenance problems or special circumstances.




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