IS-2506 Department Newsletters (Policy)


Release Date: 8-26-97


CNM Board Policy

Employee Handbook 11.01, Publications/Research Projects

Administrative Directive


The publishing of department newsletters is viewed as an important means of communication. Such publications serve to promote understanding, awareness and a sense of belonging in an institution the size of Central New Mexico Community College (CNM).

1. Guidelines for Newsletters

1.1 Department newsletters are subject to CNM's Guides and Standards.

1.2 Department newsletters should be complementary to, rather than competitive with, News Link, the College's official newsletter for all staff members. News Link is the appropriate publication for release of news that affects all College employees or carries interest that crosses department lines.

1.3 Any news items not specific to the department require approval of the Marketing & Communications Office.

1.4 In addition to serious department news, such publications also are the appropriate source for lighter news.  For example, announcements of marriages, births and birthdays.

1.5 The department supervisory staff is responsible for newsletter content.

1.6 The date of publication and name of the newsletter editor appear on each issue along with the official CNM logo.

1.7 Production schedule, design and editing decisions, and distribution are matters to be handled by the individual departments.

1.8 All publication costs are paid by the individual departments.

1.9 Copies of all completed publications are sent to the President's Office and the Marketing & Communications Office.




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Employee Handbook 11.01, Publications/Research Projects