IS-2522 Political Activity (Policy)


Release Date: 12/20/00
Revision 1: 3/15/07


CNM Board Policy

Governing Board Policy Handbook Section II, Political Activities  
Employee Handbook Section 12.16, Political Activities

Administrative Directive

1. Conflict of Interest

1.1 Employees will not use their position or status to influence the support of other College officials, employees, or students, for or against any candidate or political issue. 

Instructional employees may engage in bona fide educational activities and programs, which may include discussion, guest lectures and other activities that involve political candidates or issues.

1.2 Employees wishing to participate in political activities during work hours or on College-owned property will follow the appropriate procedures.  Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

1.3 College resources will not be used for any political campaigns for an individual candidate, issue or organization.  College resources include, but are not necessarily limited to, buildings, vehicles, equipment, office supplies, and employees on duty.  This prohibition does not apply to the use of buildings and grounds permitted by the Governing Board policy.  

2. Political Activity on Campus

2.1 Any political activity on campus, such as political candidates in classrooms and distribution of political
material, must be processed through the Marketing & Communications Office (MCO) using a Political Activity Notification form.

Contact MCO to obtain information regarding policies addressing campaign activities on CNM property.



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Reference Materials:

Governing Board Policy Handbook Section II, Political Activities
Employee Handbook 12.16, Political Activities